September 10th, 2021

Paul Neyron rose 2


I should go to sleep pretty soon.

Later: I slept on and off, mostly on, for a decent amount of time.

I was slow in the morning, mainly due to various nagging aches and pains.  In the afternoon I felt better and worked out in the yard for a few hours.

Dad had been suggesting for some time that I put pine bark mulch around my garden plants.  I finally put a good amount of mulch around the mock orange shrub that I planted the other week.  I felt like that was an accomplishment.  I put some over the daffodil bulbs and around the tiger lilies, daylilies, and grape hyacinths that I've been planting and transplanting.

After a couple months in summer when we had a lot of heatwaves, the temperature at night is now occasionally going down into the 50s.  I've been considering what to do with my tender plants that I kept outside in pots over the summer.  Today I dug up the 'Elvira' gladioli and oxalis and rain lilies that I had in a patch of ground near the house, and the rain lilies that I had in the pot near the lilacs that now has still very young rugosa roses and two of the three surviving lily-of-the-valley pips that I planted in the spring.

I still have plenty of pink-flowered lily-of-the-valley up by the pear tree and assorted scrubby trees on the level with the blue shed.  I only had the one white-flowered plant, in a windowbox-style pot with a columbine on either side.   I pictured having some in the ground in the shade of the azaleas by the front porch, and some spreading by the green shed.  I think that's where the third live white lily-of-the-valley that I planted this spring is, so it's possible it could spread.

I'd given some of the white lily-of-the-valley pips I got this spring away, and some of the oxalis.  I managed to plant most of the oxalis I had left, but I lost some lily-of-the-valley pips, and some dried out before I could plant them.  I probably have around a dozen of the purple-leaved oxalis plants, plus three of another sort that I found that had survived out of the assortment of "free with your order" bulbs that I'd planted by the apple mint patch.  Those three have the more typical green leaves, but the leaves are dark-colored at the base, so each set of leaflets has a dark center.  When I found those, I planted them in with the newer milk-and-wine lily crinum.  The 'Ellen Bosanquet' crinum has a little purple-leaved oxalis plant growing near the base of the bulb.  The crinums are all in pots.