September 3rd, 2021

Paul Neyron rose 2


I got some sleep, though I stayed up later than I had planned to.  I'll likely nap later.

It's a nice day today.  I want to get out and enjoy my flowers, and possibly go for a walk in a local park, although most parks around here are in low-lying areas.

Later: I didn't end up going farther than the yard, but I got some gardening things done.  I wanted to get some of the hardy plants that are in pots planted in the ground, and some tender plants into pots that could be brought inside.  I planted the mock orange on the north side of the house near the west side.  It's not far from the little "shade garden" I have by the volunteer sweet shrub.  That's one of the ones with begonias, hosta. astilibe, and cyclamen.  I'm pleased that the cyclamen is blooming on schedule.

I decided to experiment with planting pinks in the crocus garden that's now mostly irises.  The 'Firewitch' dianthus had a hole in the side of the pot, so that was the most logical one to start with.  I checked the various dianthus that lived through last winter in a pot.  The pots had become anthills.  I ended up planting the 'Bath's Pink' dianthus that I'd also gotten this year.  That pot wasn't an anthill inside, thank goodness.

I replanted a number of the 'Tete-a-Tete' daffodils that I had dug up.

I took pictures of the rose that isn't 'Paul Neyron.'  That's another rose that's nice in its own way.  The rose that's yellow rather than "Two-Tone" is leafing out and thriving.  It's put up some taller canes, and it looks like there's another tiny bud at the top of the new growth.

I finally planted the mock orange