September 2nd, 2021

Paul Neyron rose 2


I got a fair amount of sleep.

Later: I did another telephone thing, this one at noon.

I went around outside in the late afternoon to look at my garden plants.  Most seemed to be doing surprisingly well, considering the weather.  The repaired gutters seem to have done their job.  There weren't even muddy spots in the yard where there are usually muddy spots, though I noticed dampness in a couple of the typical spots.  Those spots were near drainpipes, though.  The lawn, which Dad recently fertilized, was green and lush and seemed to have absorbed the rain we got.  The garden plants of mine that like water seem to be very happy, also.  Most are pretty closely planted and those sections of the yard absorbed the water as well.

I cut the flower of 'Winter Sunset' that I had noticed starting to bloom a few days ago.  It's getting to the point of going by now, but the colors of the petals are still beautiful.  The hardy cyclamen I got a few years ago are blooming, and a couple of the new ones I planted in the spring have tiny flowers also.  On one, I didn't see flowers, but I saw cyclamen leaves where I had a label saying "cyclamen."

I cut a couple of flowers from 'Teasing Georgia.'  The rose that was the understock for 'Paul Neyron' is blooming again.  I'll have to take a picture.  It's pink, but not Neyron pink.  It's considerably paler than that.  It's double, and has a pleasant fragrance, but not in the same way.

I checked the place in the vegetable garden where I had planted the 'Shah Jehan' iris.  The main rhizome and the tiny piece of rhizome that was marked "S.J." seem to be getting established.  The new irises near the house seem okay.  The pre-1900 ones look like they're getting pretty well established.

I believe the episode of Jeopardy that was on in the evening was a repeat from relatively recently.  I didn't remember knowing or not knowing the answers to questions in the same way I have for other episodes that must have first aired within the last few years.  But I was pleased with myself for knowing that classic example of bad translation from Japanese: "All Your Base Are Belong to Us."