August 2nd, 2021

Paul Neyron rose 2


I don't have to be anywhere that I can remember offhand, but I'm hoping to get more plants planted.

I wasn't feeling good in the morning.  My allergies were bad and I had various little aches and pains.  However, I took some Advil and such, and felt better in a while.

Mom and I took a quick walk in a local park.  I would have been happy to just sit and read, but Mom wasn't aware that I'd brought more than one book with me, so we didn't sit for very long.

I took a nap after lunch.  Mom woke me to have me go search in the backyard for Dad, because she couldn't hear the mower, and thought sometihing had happened to him.  By the time I got ready to go out, I could hear Dad-like noises.  I went downstairs, and Dad was indeed okay.  He told us that we hadn't heard the mower because he'd been taking out deadwood far in the backyard.  We used to call it "the back of the back."  He told me to go take a look, because I'd been the one to tell him about the deadwood that was jammed between live trunks of trees and shrubs that I'd planted years ago, possibly in the 1990s, definitely by the early 2000s.

I took my pruning shears with me and went out to look.  Dad had indeed pulled out a lot of deadwood that was jammed between live trunks of the "American cranberry bush" viburnum (Viburnum trilobum).  He'd said that there were three trees back there.  I knew that there was more going on than that.  When I went back there, I worked for a while cutting down wild grapevine, bittersweet, and bits of brambles from the spots they were growing in and among the trees and "trees," plus cutting down some branches from the Tatarian honeysuckle growing across from that patch, and also festooned with grapevines.

I went back to the house for a little while, and explained to Dad what the woody plants I'd deliberately planted there were, and what I hadn't planted.  I'd planted the viburnum, which is in theory more of a large shrub; the winter honeysuckle, the winterberry hollies, the American hollies with yellow berries, and the quince tree.  I thought that the quince I was getting was flowering quince, which is a smaller thing, actually more of a shrub, but what I got is definitely a small tree, with inconspicuous flowers and quinces growing at the top of the tree.  That really was a tree, I said to Dad.  Also, the American hollies, more in the middle of that patch, and relatively small, had the potential to grow the largest of anything there.  As large as the oak saplings that Dad had let sprout in among some of my roses, I said.  I know that the potential height for an American holly is 80', well beyond the size of the large shrubs and small trees that make up the rest of what I planted there.  I hadn't realized that that viburnum had stretched out so it was in among the winterberry hollies.  Now I kind of think that it has the potential to grow as wide as it is tall.

After that break for some Gatorade and conversation, I went out and planted the last three sorts of irises that were in the second box of irises that I'd gotten.  That box had as many more again of "extras" as it did of the little collection that I'd ordered.  It was more planting in total than I'd expected, but I'll share some of the "pied beauty" varieties with Mrs. L.