July 18th, 2021

Paul Neyron rose 2


I finished a line eding job, then went to sleep fairly late.  I woke early.  I'll be taking a nap soon, I think.

Later: I took a nap somewhere along the line.

Mom and Dad came home from church with a bouquet.  Dad put it in the raised bed with no water, except that he pulled a long-stemmed red rose out and stuck it in one of my shorter vases.

I went out to the yard in the early evening and worked in the yard some, and eventually rescued the bouquet.  I recut the flower stems.  I put the long-stemmed rose, a sunflower, and a stalk of white lilies in my tall vase.  I put a short-stemmed red rose in the shorter vase.  I cut a stalk of mostly open double tiger lilies and put that in a relatively taller vase with the purple liatris.  I left the gerbera daisies and yellow daisies and the rest of the flowers on the porch, in a container with water.

I think the yard work I was doing was mostly weeding.