July 8th, 2021

Paul Neyron rose 2


I had a pretty quiet day.

Dad told me that another order of roses arrived, and I unpacked them.  This bunch were 'La Reine,' 'Alec's Red' and 'Double Delight.'  I'll probably plant them in the back yard.  I watered them after unpacking them, and a few other plants in pots that looked very dried out.  I took a look around the yard to see what was currently blooming.  The butterfly weed by the smallest magnolia is blooming.  The 'Maid of Orleans' sambac jasmine has a lot of buds.  The daylilies that I planted in the shallow round pots last year or the year before seem to all be 'Kwanzo,' the tawny double daylily.  The ones blooming by the biggest magnolia, planted among the tiger lilies. are the peachy ones we've had for a long time.  The 'Elvira' gladioli are blooming nicely.  Although they're not terribly showy, the small begonias and the purple oxalis plants have a lot of flowers, too.

It rained in the early evening, and is supposed to rain more tonight.  Those plants I didn't get around to watering hopefully got a good amount of water.

Otherwise I mostly read quietly.