July 5th, 2021

Paul Neyron rose 2


I slept fairly well, all things considered.

I want to get out and plant more of my plants today, before it gets terribly hot.

Later: I went out in the morning to plant garden plants.  I replanted the gold-band lilies.  I'd dug two of them up when I'd planted the rosemary.  The regal lily that was growing up through the "Two-Tone" rose was finished blooming, so I dug that out and replanted it near the other regal lilies.  I put soil back around the "Two-Tone" (presumably 'Double Delight') rose, but more of the rootstock was showing than had been.  I want to get it so the rootstock and the place where it's grafted are totally covered by soil.  In the meantime, I put a shorter tomato cage around it, and a shorter length of hardware cloth.

I planted the David Austen English roses 'Heritage' and 'Mary Rose.'  'Heritage' arrived with a bud.  The bud opened, and the flower was pretty, but the ants were investigating it, too.  I ran water over the blossom.  That seemed to wash out the majority of the ants.  I put the rose in a tiny tin bucket, and put it on a table on the table in the backyard.  The first flower of the 'Sharifa Asma' rose is going by, but that has a couple more buds that are already showing color.

The butterfly weed by the smallest magnolia is blooming,  So are the coral bells and the 'Elvira' gladiolus.