May 24th, 2021

Paul Neyron rose 2


I have a few things I'd like to get done on Monday.  I'd better get to sleep soon.  It's supposed to be cooler tomorrow (Monday) than it was on Sunday, so hopefully I'll be able to get more done.

Around 9:30 a.m., Mom and I went some miles west to see if a favorite farm stand of hers had strawberries.  That farm stand was closed for Pentecost Monday.  I'd never heard of anywhere closed for that.  We found another farm stand a few miles from there.  We went to a big Walmart after that.  We stopped at an Arby's and got Reubens for lunch, and then headed home.  It was a fairly productive trip for me.  It was a somewhat productive trip for Mom.

After we got home, I clipped some of the long grass that had grown up around the tulips and daffodils in front.  I picked some 'Teasing Georgia' roses and some more of the Old Garden Roses, including a bud of 'Konigin von Danemark' and a bud of 'Botzaris.'

Later, I got into a project of pulling up 'Tete-a-Tete' daffodil leaves that had yellowed.  L.M. called, so I left the daffodil leaves by the southeast corner of the house, to go into a leaf bag sometime tomorrow.  I talked to L.M. for about an hour.  We had a good amount of catching up to do.  She'd gotten her second vaccination shot on Friday, so we talked about getting together sometime in the summer, perhaps even before summer officially starts.