May 14th, 2021

Paul Neyron rose 2


I should go to bed soon.  If it's decent out later this morning, I want to plant some more garden plants.

Later: It wasn't really a productive day for me.  I watered my new plants, and used the loppers to cut some branches off the Tatarian honeysuckle tree that hangs directly over where I park my car.  Tatarian honeysuckles are invasive plants, and we have a lot of them.  After that, I was tired and seemed to be a little more bitten up, so I went inside and did my collages of flower pictures for a while.  I napped for a bit, and thought that I'd lost the whole rest of the day.  It was really hard to keep track of days this week, and I needed to.

We called J. to wish him a belated happy birthday.  He said he wasn't going to call us yesterday evening specifically so we could wish him a happy birthday.  lol!  I understood his reasoning.  He'd seen my messages yesterday, though.