May 4th, 2021

Paul Neyron rose 2


And agan I should go to bed pretty soon.

Later: I did go to bed fairly soon, but I woke up a few times.  I got up for the day around 10:00 a.m., I think.

I felt kind of crappy, but it's hard to tell what aches and pains would be "normal" for me.  The pain in my left arm was definitely a vaccination reaction.  My allergies have been bad for a few days.  I had sciatica pain three or four days ago, and yesterday I was wearing shoes I don't usually wear for quite some time, and carrying shopping bags.  I'm not surprised that my arthritis is bad in this weather, either.  So most of the aches and pains could be attributed to other causes.  The respiratory symptoms, including congestion, go away when I take Benedryl (diphenhydramine), which points to those issues being allergic in nature.  Also, using my inhaler and nebulizer helps with that.

I got up and walked around the yard for a while.  The 'Rouletii' rose has been blooming.  The 'Paul Neyron' rose seems to be getting growth points/leaf buds, but that may be coming from below the graft.  The "Two-Tone" rose is leafing out above the graft.  I'm pretty sure that rose is 'Double Delight,' because that's distinctive, even in a catalog picture.  'The Fairy' rose is well leafed-out.  The irises are starting to bloom.  What's left of the 'Crimson King' irises after I dug a good part of them up to plant 'The Fairy' rose are starting to bloom.  I picked one full bloom that was kind of squished against the hardware cloth cage that 'The Fairy' rose is protected by.  I also picked an orris flower.  Probably-'Matinata' has some buds on what's left of that after I dug a lot out of the driveway.  'Indian Chief' has buds, and so do a couple of the labeled irises in the vegetable garden.  A few of the unlabeled irises have buds also, so I'll see if a.) they bloom and b.) I'm able to identify them.