April 2nd, 2021

Paul Neyron rose 2


I should go to bed soon.

A few hours later: Mom wants to go out and do grocery shopping.  I'm not feeling terribly ambitious, but I may go with to at least one grocery store.  It's very cold out today.

Later: I ended up going to two grocery stores with Mom.  It was exhausting.  The first store wasn't bad, but the second store was very busy.  I got to say Happy Easter to P. and Z., though.

After a late lunch, I walked around outside to see what was what with the flowers.  The big magnolia was about to be in full bloom, and it got frosted.  I was surprised that didn't make Mom cry.  Maybe tomorrow, when she realizes the damage.  I cut a few daffodils and a couple of stems of hyacinths to enjoy in the house.  The book I got from the library about lilacs was quite interesting.  I think the lilac that survived long enough to be planted after I got it from the Flower Show must be 'Lavender Lady.'  There were three, and it isn't "Beauty of Moscow," and I don't think it's 'Agincourt Beauty,' either.  This was many years ago, and the plant that was about a foot long when I got it is now several feet tall.  The one I got a few years later is 'Pocahontas.'  I learned that that is an extremely cold-hardy lilac cultivar, while 'Lavender Lady' is a lilac that's supposed to be good in relatively warm climates.  I'm still mad that something ate the top off that little start of 'Mme. Lemoine' that had survived the winter.

I finally settled in to watch "Falcon and the Winter Soldier" at 11:00 p.m., and now I'm well into Saturday morning.  Oops.