March 5th, 2021

Paul Neyron rose 2


I slept on and off from well before midnight until early-ish in the actual morning.  Weirdly, I woke at dawn.

I called B.G. and we caught up on our respective situations.  We're all hanging in there.  We'll be glad when we don't have to be so isolated.

Mom and I went to check out a new grocery store in the area in the afternoon.  After we got back home, I was glad I'd gotten out of the house.  I'm not enthused about grocery shopping in general.  The aisles were pretty narrow in this store, people were cutting in and out of sections without keeping distance, and when we were on the check-out line, there was a small child from the next family in line who kept going over to the candy section right near me.

I looked around the edges of the front yard, where some of the snow is melting, and by the back of the house, which is the west side, where snow melts first.  I expect that that's at least partially from the sun reflecting off the siding.  Some of the snow was melting on the hill in front by the driveway, too.  Where the snow had melted, I saw a good number of the tips of daffodil leaves showing above the earth.  Also I saw hyacinth leaves starting to come up from the places where I had planted them in the "herb garden."  I think more of the things that are currently living in there are spring-flowering bulbs and lilies than herbs.  The lemon balm and red bee balm should start sprouting again in a couple of weeks, though.  What irises I could see where the snow had melted enough seem to be alive, so that's good.  The anise hyssop in the raised bed in front should start sprouting once the snow melts in there.  I think that's fairly well established, though it's fighting it out somewhat with the spearmint.