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more reflection on AWZ

I'm curious to know how the Florian and Frank plot will progress.  Florian is very much like Deniz was, and Deniz is very aware of that.  I'm enjoying the twists this plot is putting on the DeRo 1.0 plot.  It's different enough to be quite sparkly in its own right.  Flo and Frank are great characters.  The actor and actress are really quite skilled, especially considering their ages.

At this point, the hockey team "knows" that Frank is gay, and know that Flo has a crush on Frank, and thinks that he's gay.  I think Flo must be rather relieved that his sexual orientation hasn't actually taken a sudden change in a different direction.  Internally, he must be more at peace about that.  He's unhappy that the whole hockey team is teasing him.  I still don't think that this hockey team is violently homophobic like several members of the DeRo 1.0 era team were.  I think they're just immature and enjoy getting a rise out of Florian.

I'm hoping for Flo and Frank to kiss some more, possibly in public.  The younger Steinkamps -- Ben and Vanessa -- would have no issue with it either way, whether Frank was actually a gay boy or wearing boy drag as she is.  The hockey team already thinks they're gay, so they have nothing to lose.

I read ahead in the spoilers, and things will not progress smoothly for them.  It looks like they'll have plenty of opportunity to pull each other's pigtails and behave like clueless-about-relationships teenagers.  Fortunately, Deniz and Roman will be there to counsel and scold them as needed.

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