November 29th, 2020

Paul Neyron rose 2


I went to bed relatively early, for me.  I got up fairly early, too, but dozed off again sometime after breakfast, while my folks were watching church on YouTube.

I experimented with making spring rolls for lunch.  I didn't have much left of the right kind of vegetables, but the rice noodle and shrimp part was fine.

I don't have particular plans for today.  I may go outside for a little while this afternoon, since tomorrow is supposed to be miserable out.

Later: I went outside for a while.  I rearranged flowerpots and such so things would hopefully be less likely to blow away in tomorrow's storm.  I put flats with a small weave upside down over the tulips I'd planted the other day, the black and red ones, since it looked like there had been some digging in that area of the herb garden.  I was sure the squirrels were watching me the whole time I was working there that day.  I imagined the stare from beady little rodent eyes, though I was concentrating on the bulbs and not specifically trying to see where the squirrels were.  I weighed the flats down with rocks.  I hope it helps.  Also, I hope that not too much of the stuff we have outside blows away.

I got some laundry done, so I feel like I accomplished something today.