August 4th, 2020

Paul Neyron rose 2


I should go to bed pretty soon.

I stayed up late, but got up relatively early.

It rained very hard in the morning and afternoon, and the wind was blowing hard in the afternoon, too.  That was the portion we got from the edges of the tropical storm.  There were also flash flood warnings in many places.  We're on a hill, and the house is on a slab, so we don't worry too much about flooding, but there are certainly many low-lying areas and creek-adjacent areas around here.  And there were tornado warnings, which are more worrisome to us.  The high winds are worrying, too, especially since we have a lot of trees that are too near the house.

I continued with yesterday's project of organizing e-books in the proper files so I know what I have.  I didn't try to go outside.  I also organized my lists of what herbs and flowers I have around the yard, so I can refer to a list and get a fuller picture.