March 2nd, 2020

Paul Neyron rose 2


I should go to bed soon.

Later: I didn't end up getting much sleep.  I woke up at 3:00 a.m. and went back to sleep for a bit.  I woke again at 5:00 a.m. and read sections of a book that recounted the finding of King Richard III's grave right under a section of a parking lot.  I tried to go back to sleep around 9:00 a.m. or so, and dozed for a couple of hours.

Mom and I went out after lunch.  One of the "arm" pieces of my glasses had broken off, so I went to the opticians while Mom went to the grocery store a few doors down.  The lab person found a new "temple" piece, so my reading glasses are fixed now.  I met up with Mom at the grocery store.  We got gasoline for my car, and then headed home.  It was nice out, and I started going around the yard to see if any of my early fragrant plants were blooming yet.  Flowers are starting to open on the mahonia.  The buds of the winter honeysuckle aren't open yet.  Tulip and daffodil leaves were coming up in the former vegetable garden, and I dug the tulips and daffodils up.  The tulips get eaten, and the former garden is overgrown with wild raspberry brambles and pokeweed, so it's impossible to see the flowers anyway once the raspberry and pokeweed leaf out.

I believe the daffodil cultivar is 'Rose of May.'  I planted the daffodils in the very big pot near the back door.  We'll be able to enjoy the flowers if any of the daffodils bloom.  'Rose of May' is apparently supposed to be shy to bloom unless there's a cool, moist spring.  We have had that, so we'll see.

I saw tulip leaves in what was long ago Dad's attempt at a rose garden.  I dug that tulip up, too.  That area is also not far from the shed that the groundhogs live under.  There were crocus leaves, too, so I dug those up.  I planted the tulips and a few of the crocuses that had larger bulbs in a pot near the front door.  I put a plastic tray with an open-weave bottom, meant to hold flats of plants, upside down on top of that pot, to try to discourage the animals that would eat the leaves.

I also dug up the daylilies in the former rose garden.  They get eaten, too.  They haven't bloomed in years.  There were a lot of daylily tubers.  I'm trying to figure out a good place for them, where they won't get eaten.  I'll try to get them replanted in the next few days.  Currently the tubers are filling three pots.  Two of the pots are at least quart-sized, and one is gallon-sized.  I put the pots close to each other, and put the leftover pine wreath from Christmas on top of the pots.  Hopefully that will repel animals for a couple of days.

The 'Cream Beauty' and 'Mammoth Yellow' crocuses are in full bloom.  The leaves of the hyacinths planted near the porch are coming up.