February 23rd, 2020

Paul Neyron rose 2


I should go to sleep fairly soon.

Later: I didn't go to sleep "soon."  I finished Pros & Cons of Vengeance after I woke in the early morning, and then went back to sleep for a couple of hours.  I met up with the L.s at their house, and we went to Longwood Gardens.  All of the Orchid Extravaganza orchids were on display in the conservatories.  I think about 75 or 80% must have been up already when Mom and I went the Wednesday before the Friday that the Orchid Extravaganza officially opened.

Outside, I enjoyed seeing a number of witch hazels in full bloom.  There were some tommy crocus coming up here and there.  There was something else that I was happy to see outside, but I forget.  I know I'd really wanted to get there while the witch hazels were in bloom.

The nectarines in the fruit house were blooming, and there were daffodils blooming in the areas around the espaliered trees.  The acacias in the Acacia Passage were blooming.

We saw some hellebores on the walk from the far lot to the Visitors' Center.