December 7th, 2018

Paul Neyron rose 2


I'm scheduled to work today, and to work an indefinite number of days until the home health agency gets someone to replace HHA-B.  I am upset about this.

After work, I need to get to the area around the Y relatively early.  We're going to go see Christmas lights in Yardley, PA, which is quite a distance.

Some hours later: I worked.  After work, I picked up my new and more sturdy glasses at the opticians.  Mom went with me to the opticians because she also wanted to stop at the liquor store and the K-Mart in that shopping center.  We got the stuff we wanted.

Later: I made it to the Y on time to get the bus to the Christmas light show.  I dozed some of the way there.  The lights were very nice.  We got off the bus long enough to get snacks.  Then we were in a big hurry to get back, and I got very discombobulated.  I was trying to balance my cider on a bag on my knees while I looked for something in my purse.  The bag and A.J. ended up with a baptism by cider.  A.J. said, "If I'm not freezing, I'm roasting."  I thought that was apropro.  I apologized.  I was in a sad mood on the way home, but felt better once I got home.