October 25th, 2017

Paul Neyron rose 2


I went to bed around 2:00 a.m.  I didn't really sleep.  I got up at 6:30 a.m., when it was still pitch dark.  I went back to bed after a couple hours, and slept until 10:30 a.m.  I figure that was about another hour of sleep.

I tutor again today.  This time I figure we'll do some grammar.

Later: I hadn't been able to plant the plants I got in the spring because I got the cold that never ends, and by the end of June when I went on antibiotics for bronchitis, I had already pulled a muscle over my ribs, which caused me pain for at least three months.

I started planting some of the tender plants that were in little pots in bigger pots, to bring inside.  I pruned the jasmines that had been outside, taking off yellow and damaged leaves.  I sprayed the tender plants I transplanted with an insecticide/fungicide/miticide combination spray.  I finally planted the anise hyssop in the raised bed.  One of the irises in there has a lot of leaves.  Maybe it will flower next year.  I planted the bay and poet's jasmine that had been inside in tiny pots into bigger pots, and brought them back inside.

J,'s daughter K. called to say that J. wouldn't be able to make it, that she had a cold.  I was ready with a grammar lesson, but we can pick up with that next week.  I hope they feel better soon, but I appreciated being able to continue with transplanting the tender plants.

My back hurts, but I feel like I got a lot accomplished.  Maybe tomorrow I'll get more potting soil and continue the project.

I did some reorganizing of my e-book files, which I've been spending a lot of time on for the past three days.  I did a lot of laundry.