October 17th, 2017

Paul Neyron rose 2


I went to bed at 1:00 a.m. and woke up around noon.  I don't know what was up with that.

Mom and Dad and I went to Boscov's for "Friends Helping Friends" day.  One of Dad's veterans' groups was participating, so he'd been there in the morning selling coupons.  I didn't get anything.  I think Mom got a bathrobe.  Dad got pajamas and other stuff he needed.

The royal jasmine has another flower.  I've got to bring it in soon.

Dad and I did a bit of gardening.  I finally planted the cardinal flower that had been in a pot all summer.  It had bloomed in the late summer, and still had green leaves, so that was cool.  We planted a 'Red Velvet' lily and cyclamens.  I'm glad we got them in.  The sternbergia was supposed to be planted "as soon as possible," so we'll have to work on that.

I went to the library and met J., the person I am tutoring in ESL.  I'd brought in my books of herbs and some herbs and spices themselves.  I brought in some fruit and vegetable and flower catalogs, and gave some of them to J.  We went over parts of the body a little bit, and various illnesses, from the Oxford Picture Dictionary.  I got an atlas from the reference shelves and J. showed me where she was from, on the Yucatan peninsula.  J. showed me how she'd been working through the ESL workbook.