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AWZ Thursday

Mostly skating, so we had little bits of Roman being there.  Katja did pretty well, I thought.  Roman hugged her when they were waiting for the scores, but didn't notice the blood coming through the top of her skate-shoe.  This plot is now requiring Roman to be quite oblivious.  He's one of the smartest and most perceptive characters on the show, on a regular basis, so the plot is making him act uncharacteristic at this point.  Katja limped out to a bench in front of the Center, where Ben found her.  He saw the blood coming through the top of her sneaker, and called an ambulance.  So Roman is oblivious, and Ben notices something.  I find it all very unlike those characters.

Ben brought Katja home, and she asked him to stay for a while.  I don't think she told him that it was all Isabelle's fault.

There was a bit with Frank and Florian doing sit-ups and passing a big ball back and forth (is that called a medicine ball?).  Andy was still calling them by a slur, and Flo was still ready to fight him.  Andy stopped that talk fast at No. 7, when Roman and Deniz heard Flo and him talk like that, and Deniz loomed over him.  I don't know why he didn't learn his lesson then.  I think he'll shut up again in Deniz' hearing, when Deniz comes back.  I still don't think this group of hockey players is hostile like the group back in the DeRo 1.0 days.  (Edited: Now that I've seen the translations, Andy was being really nasty, and I'm very surprised Lena didn't say something to him.  We discussed in the comments how the adults should be putting a stop to that kind of talk.  Someone mentioned the It Gets Better videos and the Trevor Project.  Bullying of gay teens and perceived-to-be-gay teens is a topic that we're sensitive to.)

I hope the situation lasts long enough for Florian to really learn something.  It would be nice if the other hockey players became less ignorant, as well.  Frank again thanked Florian for not telling, and Florian again said, "Schon okay."  He sounded resigned, but it was kind of sweet, too.  I think he still loves Frank.  I greatly look forward to this teenaged courtship, because they're just adorable.

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