September 25th, 2016

Paul Neyron rose 2

Sunday so far

I went to bed around 1:00 a.m. or so, after reading more about Deaf history.  I couldn't get to sleep, so I took Benedryl around 1:30 a.m. and eventually must have drifted off.  I woke at 9:30 a.m., so I figure I got at least seven hours of sleep.

I got free books from e-mail promos.

I chatted a little bit with A.W.

Slightly later: I went around the yard, even back behind the apple trees.  There were great clumps of white mistflower blooming.  I should take a picture.  I knew there would still be more left after Dad and I took out the mistflower along the west side of the house.  The winterberry is covered with berries, and in the wilder parts of the yard we have pokeberry.  The birds love pokeberry.

The blue mistflower and goldenrod are growing in among 'Mme. Zoetmans'.  They make a very nice color combination.  I should also take a picture of the pineapple sage.  That's lovely now.  I watered the plants in pots in the back yard and front yard, and the herbs in the herb garden.  Only a few herbs survived the drought and weeds.  The French sorrel is still alive, and the sage is doing all right.  I've got a couple of patches of lemon balm.  The red bee balm has mildew, but that's nothing surprising, and it should come back fine next year.  The lemon verbena looks good.  The two tiny clumps of 'Gold Dust' daylilies are still there by the sage.  The basil is still alive.  I should use that soon, before it gets down to 40 degrees F at night.

A little later than that: I chatted with Riah for a while.  I arranged to talk with A. tonight.  I went outside again to enjoy the fragrant plants.  I rubbed some new leaves of the sweet briar, and got that green apple scent.  I got the fragrance of the various mints I have, and of the lemon balm and lemon verbena.  I smelled the poet's jasmine flower.  That first flower is fading, but it's got a lot more buds.

When I went out the second time, I surprised a groundhog that was by the lilacs.  It ran right towards the shed.  They have tunnels under there.

I said hi to YMCA-P.  He was watching the football game.  Mom was watching the baseball game, which the Phillies lost 17-0.

Much later: I chatted with A.W.

I talked to A. for almost two hours.