August 14th, 2016

Paul Neyron rose 2

Sunday so far

I sorted out books on Dad's Nook, and archived the ones he wouldn't want to read.  Unfortunately, when I do that, they don't show up on my Nook at all.  I read a short story about an elf and a shape shifter in the process of sorting.

I went to bed at about quarter to midnight.  I didn't get to sleep quickly, but must have eventually drifted off.  I woke at quarter to three, but went back to bed and managed to get back to sleep.  I got up with my alarm at 10:00 a.m., which is better than I've been doing.  I really need to get back into consistent good sleep patterns.

I got free books from e-mail promos.  I will talk to A. tonight.  I think I'll give YMCA-P. a call to see how he's doing.

Later: I ended up going out and about after all, though it's nearly as hot today as it was yesterday.  I went to the library and picked up some mysteries.  Others were in the county library system, so I put holds on them.  I have a lot of library books to read.  That doesn't even count the huge numbers of e-books in my to-be-read files.  I've gotten most of the e-books I've acquired over the last few years free from promos, or on very good sales.

I gave YMCA-P. a call and left a message.  He called back a couple of minutes later.  We speculated on when the Friday Night Friends would start up again, and what activities we'd be doing.  I'll have to e-mail YMCA-K.

BA Tortuga tweeted back.  I texted briefly with WhiteSheepCBD, J.-PA and J.  I read a Dreamspinner book of BA's.  The Dreamspinner books have a lot more plot than the Torquere ones did.

Later still: I talked to A. for about an hour.