February 15th, 2015

Paul Neyron rose 2

Sunday so far

I turned the computer off not long after 11:00 p.m.  I went to bed a little before 1:00 a.m.  I was tired, but I didn't fall asleep right away.  I fell asleep after a bit, though.  I woke at 9:45 a.m.

I chatted on and off with Jules, and sat under my full-spectrum light before and after breakfast.  I figure I got about an hour in with the light.

Mom and Dad skipped church because the driveway and our cars were coated with snow, and it was still very windy.  I could hear the wind in the night.  It's rare for them to skip church.

I may be snowbound today, but I've got plenty to read, and I may do a Musketeers marathon of the second season so far.  I have several movies I can watch, too.

WhiteSheepCBD texted me to tell me that Rainjoy had written another short.  It was a "Five Times" short.  It's five times Aramis evades Richelieu, and one time he can't.  This is the third of the five times.

I told YMCA-P. that I would call him today.  We sat together at the Friday Night Friends gathering, and he said I hadn't called him lately.  I said that went both ways.

A few hours later: I called YMCA-P. at 2:30.  We talked for about twenty minutes.

I chatted a little with Riah.

Later: I called A.J.  I talked to her for about twenty minutes, too.

I listened to the Lima Heights Adjacent podcast.  Even they admitted that Rachel's friends kept propping her up, although not in those words.  I wrote an ask saying that, although not in those words.  As Callie says, Rachel has never learned to be a "self-starter."  I also said that I was glad to see Unique back, that I had missed her.  I said that there was such a difference in the way Sue treated Coach Beiste and the way she'd treated Unique.  Sue was horrible to Unique.  I was afraid that Karofsky would get violent with Blaine when he and Blaine broke up.  Karofsky has changed in the last few years.  Blaine still lies by omission and is conflict-avoidant.  He needs to do more growing up, and there are only a few episodes left.

I like to comment on the Lima Heights Adjacent podcasts.  They know I don't agree with them about everything.  Like I said that I was not a Rachel fan, and Firesnaps had things to say about that.  Axe and Firesnaps give the straight white woman perspective on what happens on the show.  Sometimes they get guests who give a male or non-binary and/or queer perspective.

I chatted with WhiteSheepCBD for a bit.  Her Tumblr has apparently gone from being mostly Glee to a mix of Glee and "The Musketeers," with some Broadway thrown in.