December 31st, 2014

Paul Neyron rose 2

Wednesday so far

I went to bed around 1:30 a.m. and woke at 9:30 a.m., so that wasn't bad.

I chatted with WhiteSheepCBD for a while.  Several of the Avengers fics I'd been reading had updated, so I caught up.

Later: Mom and I went to the grocery store, then an Entenmann's outlet.

I watched the first three episodes of "Agents of SHIELD" and read more Avengers fic.
Paul Neyron rose 2

beta reading

Since I did this post elsewhere, I figured I should do it here, too.

As I've said various places, I was a history major, so I could help with some historical eras for historical AUs.  I have edited *so* many werewolf stories that I think of myself as extremely familiar with how the usual mythologies are used in a romance.  My specialties as a beta reader are proofreading and checking continuity.

I like fluff and fics that don't get any darker than the show itself does.  The show gets pretty dark sometimes, so that allows for some leeway.  Many of the people I follow are into kink, so when I ask for fic recommendations, they recommend BDSM fics.  I had already read quite a number of BDSM romance novels before I got into fandom.  I am fine with editing a good bit of it, as long as it's consensual and everyone is very happy with what they're doing and their roles.

I don't read RPF.  I don't like gore, horror or torture.  I don't want to read sympathetic character death except if it's one that has occurred in canon.

I know a fair amount about LGBTQ history, politics and issues.  Within the limitations above, I'll edit contemporary, historical, paranormal and fantasy.  I've read some fantasy fics where homophobia isn't an issue in the fantasy world.  If it's a contemporary or historical fic, I'd expect to see it.  Although casual racism rarely gets called out on the show, it is always there.  I'd rather not see magical cures for disabilities, particularly if the 'verse doesn't have magic.

Edited to add: The fandom I was talking about was Glee.  Since I'm getting into a couple of fandoms now, I felt I should clarify.
Paul Neyron rose 2

what this is

I tried to do a meta post, but it disappeared.  Here's another try.

I've done posts that are my versions of meta posts, but they were weeks or months or years ago.

This started out as a gardening journal.  At some point I began posting about the m/m romances I was reading.  I write posts about GLBTQ topics here and there, and wrote about soap operas at a time when I was watching a lot of them.  I still post about what I'm reading in general, my day, my secret love child (not actually my child), and other TV shows I'm watching.  I post about things I see in blogs and various other places online.

Added: This has also turned into something of a sleep journal, as I seem to post a lot about my disrupted sleep patterns.  Well, this has always been a self-indulgent LJ.  I can't even say that I'll ever go back and make a list or spreadsheet or whatever of that.  I'm not one to do spreadsheets.

I've been reading straight romances since my teens.  I fell into reading gay romance with Scott&Scott's Romentic books around 2007 or so, then got "if you liked that, you may like this" recommendations for m/m romance.  I never stopped reading straight romance.  I read romance with bi protagonists, and once in a while read lesbian romances, although they can be heavily political.  But my reading tastes as far as romances go are pretty broad.

I use initials for some people I journal about.  S., no last name initial, is my "secret love child."  S. gets the "friends" tag.

I was a history major.  I read historical mysteries and historical romances now, though I'll read non-fiction, too.  Although I didn't study it formally, my knowledge of zoology is not bad.  Or at least it's good enough that I'll think about how wolves' claws don't work like cats' claws do when I read werewolf stories.  I read a *lot* of paranormal romances, and werewolves are trendy.

I live in southeastern Pennsylvania and get to northern Delaware and to Baltimore every so often.  Once in a while I go to New Jersey.  I usually tag those posts "travel."

I don't know what happened to the "This journal may contain adult concepts.  You must be fourteen or older to view it." warning.  Large parts of the journal are G-rated, at least the gardening parts, but I do talk about adult subjects as well.  I may have to take it to an eighteen-and-older warning if that's the only option left besides open to everyone.

Added April 2013: I finally have a picture of a Neyron rose.  (Rosa 'Paul Neyron')