December 16th, 2014

Paul Neyron rose 2

Tuesday so far

I stayed on the computer until midnight chatting with WhiteSheepCBD.  I went to bed before 1:00 a.m., and I don't think it took me long to get to sleep.  I woke at 7:00 a.m., and couldn't get back to sleep.  I'll probably end up taking a nap later today.

I got the free book promos from MLR and ARe.  The MLR one was Death Trick, which they've given away before.  This time I got it in all available formats.  I posted about it on the free books and sales events thread on the Backlot Goodreads group.  I added to my post about the ARe book The Gentleman and the Rogue that it was still free today.  ARe seems to be doing a "free for two days" promo.  The Harlequin newsletter included some Carina books on sale, including one by A.M. Arthur, who I think is fairly popular among the Backlot crowd.  I posted about that.

I have an appointment with Dr. K. in the afternoon.

Later: I made it to my appointment with Dr. K.  At least I hadn't gained any more weight since I last saw him.  He's pretty easy-going.

Rainjoy updated her Musketeers mpreg fic, "Wolf Moon."  She said it was 50,000 words or so.  This was the second part, so we should be about two-thirds through.  It's 71 pages so far.  Rainjoy said she was thinking about a sequel.  I like the Affinity!Verse, but the mpreg fic has actually been rather poignant so far.  I texted WhiteSheepCBD to let her know about the update.

Later still: I got curious and looked on the BBC One website.  They had major new character spoilers for three characters.  One is from French history, one is canon to the book, and one seems to have been made up by the show.


There's a new woman character listed as looking after the Dauphin.  That's a spoiler for two characters, although we knew the Dauphin was coming.  The Dauphin, eventually to be Louis XIV, is the one from French history.  The Comte de Rochefort is from the book.  In there, he's an adversary for d'Artagnan, but it seems like on the show he'll be the adversary of all the Musketeers.  And we knew that Milady would be back.

Later than that: I chatted with WhiteSheepCBD for a while.  We talked about mpreg, and I explained Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics AUs.  Rainjoy's fic is not a/b/o, but sometimes there's mpreg in an a/b/o fic.