April 20th, 2014

Paul Neyron rose 2

Sunday so far -- Easter

I went to bed around 1:30 a.m.  I woke at 6:45 a.m., but went back to sleep.  I woke again at 9:30 a.m.

I sat under my sunlight-effect light for an hour.  The free book at ARe today was a m/m I had heard of, Frat Boy and Toppy.  It's currently published by Riptide, but another publisher may have published it before.  Several people on the Backlot Gay Books forum said they liked it.  I posted there that it was free, and on my Tumblr.  I think I'll ask Riah to signal boost that post.  I sent her, Meg, Sam and Robinalaska gift copies of it.

I wished P., S.M., A.C., J.-PA and K. a happy Easter.  I was going to text A. to say, "Happy day off," but accidentally called instead.  He said he was going in to work to switch the server over, since no one would be there today.  So he had a project.  He said he might be able to call tonight, and that he had some clubbing stories for me.

Later: Mom and I watched "The New Rachel."  I said that was her introduction to Marley Rose, Millie Rose, Jake Puckerman, Kitty Wilde and Brody Weston.

Slightly later than that: We watched "Britney 2.0."  I explained that from my understanding Brittany was doing things that Britney Spears had done.  I said that Brittany really missed Santana.  I said that Jake and Puck really looked alike, and Mom said she'd thought so, too.  Looking back from just having seen "Tested," I find it interesting that Blaine was doing some of the same things in that as Brittany was in "Britney 2.0," including eating the cheese puffs.

I finished an editing job that I had picked up on Saturday.

Later still: I talked with A. for about an hour.