March 4th, 2014

Paul Neyron rose 2


We came back from Florida.  It was in the 70s when we left, and below freezing when we got to Philadelphia.  I miss the warm weather.  It was kind of nice to get back home to familiar things, though.

Later: I watched "Trio."  The screen went black for the last few minutes.  I was doing pretty well taping the episodes.  "Frenemies" taped.  I'll get "Trio" on iTunes.  Blaine was highly dramatic, and grossed out by heterosexual displays of affection.  Blaine wasn't grossed out when he made out with Rachel in "Blame It On the Alcohol."  Back to "Trio," Becky was awful.  Santana and Rachel were awful, too.  I guess I should expect it from those three.  There was a lot of Elliott.  He didn't want to be called Rachel's "best gay."  Kurt said that Pamela Lansbury had died, and introduced One Three Hill.  It's got Kurt, Elliott and Dani.  I didn't care for the song they sang.  There was a lot of Will and Emma.

I liked Elliott in this, aside from not liking that he let Rachel stay with him.  Rachel said that Elliott had done more for her in twenty-four hours than "that traitor Kurt Hummel" had done for her since they'd been in New York.  Rachel is horrible and ungrateful.  They're using plenty of Adam Lambert's voice, which is a good thing.