November 28th, 2013

Paul Neyron rose 2

Thursday -- Thanksgiving

I got tired around 12:30 a.m. last night, and lay down then. It took me a while to get to sleep. I woke at 8:00 a.m., and decided I might as well stay awake. There was plenty to do in the kitchen.

I helped with making stuffing, among other things. Mom couldn't find sage among her spices. I have a large number of baking spices, but don't have that much in the way of savory spices. I found quite a few spices that I got for Indian (South Asian) recipes. I went outside to look. The bay tree is still alive, though the top leaves look frost-burned. The rosemary is still alive. I'm thinking of bringing that in. I thought I might have gotten sage at the Herb Sale, but I suppose not. That's something I get some years. I'm pretty sure I got thyme, and planted it in a pot, but I'm not sure where that got to.

I worked on an editing job. At least I feel like that's something productive I did today. It was a story that had fisting and sounds. It actually was a Sean Michael story. The series has had a couple of fisting scenes and use of sounds. I had read books with fisting scenes before I read them in Sean Michael's books. I had read a few gay erotica anthologies, and I'm sure they were in there. I have a couple of anthologies of Simon Sheppard's stories, some of which have oddly romantic elements. Sean's Jarheads novels have mainly vanilla sex, but occasionally Rig, Rock and Dick will try a kink here and there. And then he's written the Hammer series. I've read the first one or two. I had remembered Tanny as being reluctant to participate in BDSM activities, but he was eased into it more than I'd thought he'd been.

There was another thing I did that seemed somewhat productive. Rainbow eBooks has stopped selling books, but old customers can still download the books they had already gotten. I'm pretty sure I'd downloaded them in one format or another, and sorted them by author or publisher. I made a Rainbow eBooks folder and downloaded several formats, .prc or .mobi, e-pub and PDF, depending what was available. I got through "C" in October. Today I got from "D" to "Z."

Somewhat later: The turkey was ready by 3:30 p.m. We started eating at 4:00 p.m. We'd had lunch at 1:00 p.m., so I wasn't terrifically hungry by 4:00 p.m.

P. called and said, "Happy Thanksgiving." She said she'd had a nice time at her niece's place in [near-ish city].

I listened to the F Yeah Glee Podcast recap of "Movin' Out." Axe was back. She and Firesnaps are the usual co-hosts. The guest was Bru(?) (Brew?)  [I think it must be someone who uses the name "doodlebrew."  I hadn't heard of him before, but just because I haven't heard of someone doesn't mean they're not a big name fan]. They skipped all over the place, but covered a good bit with Blaine and Sam. They mentioned Becky's storyline. Axe asked if Becky's frequent talk about sex was supposed to make people uncomfortable. It's typical of the teen characters on the show to be interested in sex, so I don't think it's all that unusual. Firesnaps talked about her niece, who has Down Syndrome, and how other people in her niece's class are interested in dating. They thought the male student in the class Becky sat in on was the same boy who she'd gone to prom with in "Prom Queen," and he wasn't. The podcast folks weren't thrilled with the Jake-Marley-Ryder love triangle. I wasn't interested the first time it happened, and I'm not really interested this time.

They liked that Kurt and Blaine had a decent conversation. Firesnaps loves Rachel, and loved that everyone in the loft sang with Blaine playing the piano. They talked about how there seemed to be perhaps a bit going on with Sam and Rachel. I wasn't thrilled with that. The podcast folks talked about Sam messing up his college interview. I'm sure he'll succeed as a male model. All in all, they covered the events of the episode. They've had some where they go in chronological order of what happened in the episode, and I think I like those better. But I appreciate getting their viewpoints on the episodes.
Paul Neyron rose 2

TV watching -- "Puppet Master"

That was a strange episode, but I think in a good way.  I'll have to watch it a couple more times to get everything.  It was an interesting look at what's going on in Blaine Anderson's head, and Blaine is apparently one weird kid.  I'll watch for the meta and then be able to synthesize more.  I liked Kurt's "Into the Groove" dream sequence.

An hour later: Various people I follow on Tumblr who are Glee fans are saying how trippy the episode was. I definitely have to watch it again. There was so much to it. So much.