October 29th, 2013

Paul Neyron rose 2

Tuesday so far

I lay down at 2:00 a.m., and I think I got to sleep around 3:00 a.m. or so.  I woke a little before noon.  I got going today better than I had yesterday, and went to the grocery store.

S.M. called to ask me about her computer.  It was nothing I could do anything about, let alone advice over the phone.  It was repairing something.  She was afraid to leave the house with the computer on.  I told her that would probably be fine, but if she wanted to, she could turn it off.  She turned it off.

I picked up more editing jobs.  I want to get them done early, if possible.  I'll see when they're ready for me to work on.

Most of what I've seen on Tumblr today is cute animal pictures.  I'm sure it's just a matter of time until the next disagreement or freak out.  Fortunately, I usually just see them secondhand, but the commentary about racism was on my dash from four people I follow.  One of the white people said she didn't want to talk about racism anymore, which is a privilege, too.  It's a privilege I have as well, but I'm aware that if I want to keep engaging with half of the people I follow, I shouldn't use that privilege.

(*spoilers for Glee episode 5x5*)

There are stills of Kurt going to a tattoo parlor.  The thought of Kurt getting a tattoo is something that totally freaked out a relatively big name fan, Nadiacreek.  She's the one who was talking about his "flawless skin" being ruined because she thinks tattoos are "gross."  That was something I saw secondhand.  I don't follow her, and it's not that long since I started with Tumblr.  I wasn't on it at the beginning of season three.  I'm not sure if she said anything about Quinn's tattoo, or about Jake and Puck's tattoos.  I thought from the freakout that she must be around twelve, but she's old enough to have kids and a law degree.  I'm sure there will be things I freak out about, too, but as for the fictional characters, I'm trying to wait until I actually see an episode before I have a big reaction.

I have a tattoo. Biyuti has pointed out several times that modern U.S. tattooing was appropriated from Pacific Islander cultures, which I did not know twenty years ago, but know now.

Commenters to Nadiacreek remembered she'd talked about Blaine and race, too.  I looked it up.  http://nadiacreek.tumblr.com/post/57745311885/so-heres-the-thing-more-shortly-after-i

I assumed that Blaine was white when I first saw him, but then I saw a video of Darren Criss wearing a T-shirt that said "Hapa" with a box checked off next to it, and then I learned what "hapa" meant.  I saw a lot of discussion of this when I got into the fandom, and have seen it ever since.  I go with what people who know more than me from lived experience say, that Blaine is multiracial.  My first assumption was incorrect.

Later: Mom and I went to the library.  She got several books.  I didn't get any.  I've got several library books at home, plus hundreds of e-books.

I wrote a page in Word of notes for the Harlem Renaissance historical AU fic I'd like to see.  I've written well over a dozen pages of notes, mostly handwritten, but I can't write prose.  It's just as well.  The characters don't have any real individual antagonists, not major ones.  The system is against them.  The prejudices are much more overt than they are on the show.  If it gets written, the writer will need to make up original character antagonists.