October 4th, 2013

Paul Neyron rose 2

Friday so far

It's been a quiet day.

I read Heather Hogan's recap of "Tina in the Sky with Diamonds" on The Backlot and AfterEllen.  Here was my comment on The Backlot: "I usually try to stay non-controversial, but I found the recap to be much more triggering than the episode itself. Yes, I've heard biphobia like that. All the sarcasm in the recap really did not help. I like to see what people here think of the episodes. There are things on the show that I really like, and some I don't like so much. I keep wondering why people watch if they're just going to say how much they hate the show, though. Why not watch something else instead?"

It was hot out today.  I went out and looked at the flowers.  The mistflower is still in full bloom.  Some is blooming out back by the quince tree and an apple tree.  The nasturtiums are doing well.

I got all excited because I saw someone on a Glee Tumblr say they also lived in southeastern Pennsylvania.  I correspond with people in Canada and Australia, and upstate New York.  I met Robinalaska, who lives in Maryland, and that was nice.  I get to Baltimore way more often than I get to New York state.  I get to Baltimore way more often than I get to Philadelphia, and I can take the train to Philadelphia.

I'm hoping to get to visit with J. sometime soon, but he says K. hasn't been feeling that great.  Maybe he can come up to Pennsylvania for a visit, and bring Morris with him.  I spoke to J. briefly the other night.  I think it was before I talked with A.

I corresponded with that Pennsylvania resident.  (I'm going to call her J.-PA for now.)  I recommended fics to her, and she's going to recommend fics to me.  She likes fics where Blaine goes through angst.  I said I liked fluff, or at least the characters not suffering more than they do in canon.  I said I liked some historicals, too.