August 18th, 2013

Paul Neyron rose 2

Sunday so far

I tried to go to sleep between 2:30 and 3:00 a.m.  I remember having a belated midnight snack at 3:30 a.m., and think I got to sleep not too long after that.  I woke at 11:30 a.m., which was much better than I'd been doing.

I did a rant on a Dreamwidth post of Stultiloquentia's on Real Person Fiction.  As I have posted here, I avoid it.  While I give some readers credit for knowing that it's completely fiction, I think it only encourages others, the "tin-hatters" or "True Believers" who think that actors are dating when they're not.  The tin-hatters give fans generally a bad name.  I'd like to believe that the majority of fans are more or less respectful, but most of them are a lot quieter than the lunatic fringe.  The haters seem to be a lot louder than real fans, and the people they target do know about them.

As I noted, I'll read a variety of fics about characters.  That doesn't bother me.  Stultiloquentia or a commenter mentioned "All the Other Ghosts," which is a superhero AU.  The Ghost and Phalanx have Internet fans, and some write fics about them.  That doesn't bother me either, because it's fiction about characters, not fiction about real people.  It is an interesting commentary, though.

I am okay with fans quoting what actors say in interviews.  I do that at times.  That's things they deliberately chose to share in a relatively controlled environment.  As in "All the Other Ghosts," I'll look at gifs of the characters.  I don't think that's an invasion of privacy.  What the show is putting out there, what the actors are clearly choosing to put out there in the public, that's okay with me.  I'm curious about the people I'm fans of, but I want to respect their wishes to keep their personal lives personal.  I have to find a balance I can live with.

Later: I went out for a bit.  It was raining a little.  The tiger lilies are over.  I got some good pictures of them while they lasted.  I didn't see any roses blooming.  Mom said yesterday that she and Dad had seen a goldfinch on the cone flower.  The echinacea flowers have gone by, but the "cone" part persists, and that's what has the seeds that attract birds.

I am apparently on a roll with doing rants today.  I did one on a reblog of a post that was partly about intersectionality and an original one off that on disability.

The Backlot had a slash couples "tourney" to see what readers' favorite slash pairings were.  I had enough of last year's, where one person downvoted everyone who didn't say her(?) pairing, and there were a few other nasty comments.  I didn't follow it or the comments this year.  I looked at the final results.  Apparently the most people, or the people who voted the most times, thought that Dean and Castiel of Supernatural should be a couple.  I've never watched the show.  Also up there as a couple was Sam and Dean, who from what I understand are brothers.  The biggest rival to "Destiel" was a Teen Wolf pairing that's of characters Stiles and Derek.  I've never watched that show either.  I've seen commentary that Stiles is underage.  That included commentary from some AE members opposed to slashing couples, that so many slash fans like pairings that are incest or have one underage partner and one who's of age.

I didn't know that there were Glee non-canon slash pairings in it, but Blaine and Sam were one, and Kurt and Sebastian were another.  I don't know if it's technically "slash" if the characters are canonically gay.  I think I've read a couple of Kurtbastian fics, but it's not a pairing I have any feeling for.  I've probably read a couple of Blaine and Sam slash fics, but nothing is really sticking in my memory.  I read so much more of canon pairings.  I don't think I'd mind Blaine and Sam fics.  I'll have to ask the Backlot's slash columnists if they have recs for that.

Later still: I asked Uly if he had book recommendations for the Gilded Age historical AU.  He did, but it's due tomorrow.  He asked if I were writing.  I explained that I was doing beta reading.  I told him about the Harlem Renaissance prompt.  T. would still like to do it when she comes back from her writing hiatus.  I recommended "Singing the Journey" and "Il Castrato" to Uly.  We'll see.  He had said he was reading Merlin fan fiction, which is why I recommended anything to him at all.