August 12th, 2013

Paul Neyron rose 2

Monday so far

I probably fell asleep around three a.m., and woke at eleven a.m.

I made it to an appointment, and then stopped at the grocery store.

I'm doing some beta reading and also some reading of completed fics.

I'm corresponding with TallCR, some about books and some about our lives in general.

Someone asked me if they could borrow Reindeer Games by Jet Mykles.  I attempted to lend it out.  We'll see if it worked.  I thought it was cute.  I started the second in the series, but didn't get very far.  It was a straight romance, and it was fine.  I start a lot of books and don't get far, then figure I'll pick them up again at some point.

I am reading a fic called "Singin' In the Rain," which imagines some Glee characters as autistic and others as their therapists.  The writer notes that she volunteered at an autism center for a while.  She uses the terms "high-functioning" and "low-functioning," which I learned within the last couple of years are considered by some autistic people to be inaccurate terminology.  I haven't really figured out what's accurate.  I've seen it expressed that different people have things they're really good at and things they have a lot of trouble with, but that's not a classification.  I'm trying to work out what a polite term is for people who are autistic and have intellectual disabilities.  The term used to be just "autism."

The writer obviously observed some therapies and some individual behaviors.

Later: I finished reading that fic.  In it, Artie is a character who is autistic.  His behavior changes dramatically in months when it had been the same for years.  Tina is a behavioral therapist.  She does some things I imagine a behavioral therapist would do, but doesn't do others.  The fic was from Tina's point of view.  It's not an expert's look at autism, but it didn't claim to be.