May 27th, 2013

Paul Neyron rose

later Sunday

I watched "Beyond the Candelabra," a movie about Liberace and his private life.  I didn't know how much of the viewing audience would get the glory hole reference and some of the other aspects of his life that were dramatized.  There was a fair amount of drug use, too, by Liberace's boyfriend Scott.  The show was on pay cable, but I was surprised at how they went there with some of the sex scenes.

A. and I talked for an hour and a half.
Paul Neyron rose 2

Monday so far

I fell asleep around 1:30 a.m. and woke at 9:30 a.m., so that was pretty good.

It's pretty nice out today.  I went out to smell the roses, and took pictures of the ones that were blooming.  Depending what gets eaten, several more should be blooming in the next few days.

Mom and I went to the grocery store.  I got cut-up pieces of melon and strawberries.

I went out to the roses again.  I figured I should enjoy the nice day.  I'll put pictures of the roses up on Tumblr.

Jax noted on The Backlot's "free and on sale books" thread that Josh Lanyon had "Out of the Blue" free for Memorial Day on All Romance eBooks.  I used ARe's "gift" function to send copies to four people I correspond with who are fans of gay characters.  I recommended "Snowball in Hell" and The Adrien English Mysteries in my messages, as those are favorites of mine.  I have another six copies ready to send via the gift function.  I just want to e-mail several other people I have in mind first to see if they want to read original fiction.  Some are poor, so they might not get any other of Josh's books, but others might be able to if they like "Out of the Blue."