April 28th, 2013

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about TV -- costuming podcast

I listened to the Fuck Yeah Glee Podcast on costuming.  Clothing is not a topic I know much about, but the panelists hit a lot of key quotes and meta, I thought.  Racheline Maltese (hereafter in the post RM) seems to be an expert on clothing.  The other podcast participants were very up on costuming meta as well.  That was actually a group I would have loved to have talk about queerness on Glee.  They got a bit into clothing and gender, but there's so much they could have said about gender on Glee.  It's a rich topic.  Some of them have addressed it repeatedly in their writing.

Kurt would mix pieces of women's clothes into his layers of clothes while he was at McKinley.  I think those knee-length sweaters were women's clothes.  His transparent raincoat was, though that wasn't obvious to me from him wearing it.  I saw it modeled on a mannequin, probably a post reblogged from Fashion of Glee.  And so interesting that he chose a raincoat that you could see his clothes through.

There was a pretty thorough discussion of color meta.  There was a discussion of Kurt and all the death symbolism in his clothes and accessories.  One of RM's favorite topics is Kurt and death.  Kurt does seem rather otherworldly sometimes, and then sometimes he's very much present in the world.  It changes.

They talked about Blaine, and how he's positioned femininely on the show, which I keep hearing about.  I don't see as much as others do, as much as I loved Sue's line about how she'd mistaken him for "a butch Israeli girl."  I would have thought a girl who looked like that looked attractive, too, but there's a certain gentlemanly butch look that really works for me, regardless of gender.

The group said how Dalton colors were the reverse of McKinley.  There's a lot of meta about Dalton being another world from McKinley.  RM has posted extensively on that, too.

They talked a bit about Unique, and how she's managing to make boy clothes look feminine.  She's doing what she can with what she has.

They talked about Brittany and Santana and Quinn.  I loved Quinn's Skank look.  She looked great with a pink streak in her hair.  I've seen artwork of Kurt as a Skank, too.  He looks pretty good with a pink streak in his hair, too, or so I thought from the drawings.  Also I liked the piercings.  I guess I'm just really into some AUs, and that gets pretty AU.  Again there are such rich possibilities.

The participants were saying they could do a sequel.  I'd be okay with that.  You could talk for hours about the costuming on that show.

I'd really like podcasts on queerness on Glee.  I'd like podcasts on just Kurt and Blaine, but there are lots of other characters, too.  But it would be very easy to talk for hours about the queer characters on the show.  As I've counted, at times there are seven or eight queer characters in an episode.  That didn't happen on shows when I was younger, at least not on network shows.  It's quite a change.

I need to make an "online acquaintances" tag.  I wouldn't say that I'm "friends" with someone I haven't spoken to in real life, but I correspond at least every so often with Jamie, RM and Teile.
Paul Neyron rose

Sunday so far

I fell asleep at 10:30 p.m. Saturday night.  I'd say I had no idea, but I kind of have a guess.  I woke at 5:30 a.m., which I was mad about.  I am perfectly fine with still being awake when it's dark out, but I hate waking up when it's still dark out.  I considered using the sunlight-effect lamp, but figured I'd actually be out in the sun later in the day.

I had red beans and rice for breakfast.  I made myself coffee.  I'd forgotten that "one cup" with the little coffeemaker is kind of like a demi-tasse, if I am picturing demi-tasse correctly.  I put so much cream in that I couldn't really taste the coffee, so I put Kahlua in for coffee flavor.  I've been advised not to have drinks with caffeine in them after noon, to help with my disrupted sleep patterns, and this was about 10:30 a.m.  I alternated between really wide awake and sleepy for a few hours after that mix.

I was online for a while.  I listened to the Fuck Yeah Glee Podcast about costuming, which I posted about separately.  I finally made it outside after that.  I took my camera out with me.  I soon came back into the house and got my pruning shears and leather gauntlets.  I pruned off the dead part of a Moss rose -- 'Comtesse de Murinais'? -- which was most of the rose.  It had been leafing out, and then the leaves died and there were spider webs.  I don't know if spider mites can make webs that big.  I'll probably spray the cane that's left with insecticide.

I knelt under 'Ispahan', holding the upper part of it up with one hand and pruning with the pruning shears in my other hand.  I let it drop down when I needed both hands for the pruning shears.  Parts of it were pretty well leafed out, so I could tell which ones were dead canes.  The loppers would have worked better for the bigger canes.  I find dead branches harder to prune than live ones, for some reason.  The canes of 'Ispahan' that are eight or nine feet tall aren't leafed out at the tops yet.  The rose is about six feet in diameter.  Dad says it's hard to mow around.  As I posted before, he pruned live canes off it earlier in the spring, to my horror.  I told him he could prune it after it bloomed.  I had already explained that it blooms on old wood.

I looked at what had been 'Armide'.  There were a couple of tiny rose canes coming up.  I'm not sure if that one was own-root.  It's probably understock.  'Armide' was good for a while there, and then it got choked out by the sweet shrub on one side and the sweet briar understock from another rose on the other side.  It had small double white flowers, and I've seen speculation that it's the same as 'Mme. Plantier'.  The flowers did look similar.  My bush of 'Mme. Plantier' is doing pretty well.   Some of the canes are five feet long or so, but it arches over.

"Maggie" seems to have died.  We shouldn't have pruned it.  'Roseraie de l'Haye' is leafing out.  I think that is remontant.  The other day I knocked the leaf bud off of 'Dove' when I was trying to dig it out from under the mulch.  I was mad at myself for that.  Maybe I'll get another plant of 'Dove'.  It's available enough.  It's only been around for two or three decades, I think.  I got my tattoo around 1995 or 1996, and based it off a picture of 'Dove' in a 1993 Phillips and Rix book about roses.  Heirloom Roses has a lot of David Austin English roses.  I think of an "heirloom rose" as one grown before the turn of the twentieth century, but Heirloom Roses has a lot of modern roses too.

The lilac 'Pocahontus' is blooming.  There were bumblebees around that.  The other lilac, the one I lost the tag from, looks like it will start to bloom in the next couple of days, if it doesn't get eaten by deer.  I've got to get to Tyler Arboretum soon, to see the lilacs there.  They have heirloom cultivars.  Usually I get lost and wind up in Ridley Creek State Park, but I've got to remember that the turnoff for the arboretum is after the turnoff for the park.  I would like to get to the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation sometime this year.  They carefully explain that it was from before "plantation" had the connotations it has now.

The sweet woodruff looks like it will be blooming soon.  I saw what I think is poison ivy near it.  Usually I don't see the poison ivy before I get it.  I think we have poison ivy killing spray that won't harm the other plants.  I posted about nearly going to the hospital with cellulitis from poison ivy around the time of J.'s graduation from grad school.  I made it to the graduation, but understandably no-one wanted to hug me.  It was strictly kiss-from-a-distance.  J.'s working retail now anyway.  I'll get down to Baltimore to see him and K. in the next few weeks, I'm sure.  Mom scheduled one of her cataract surgeries right on J.'s birthday.  I'm not sure what statement she was trying to make.  I think I should stay in Pennsylvania for the surgery, but I do want to see J.  I'm the one who will be driving Mom around until she's gotten a new glasses prescription after both cataract surgeries.  You can get a new prescription six weeks after the surgery, so I understand.

It was a quiet day.  I thought about going to Longwood Gardens, but I really didn't get moving that fast considering when I got up, and I wanted to hear that podcast.  Also, I figured it would be very busy there.  I'll get S.M. to show me how to get to the Jenkins Arboretum.  She knows how to get there.  I've been to the Morris Arboretum a couple of times, and she hasn't.  We talked about going there.  I may go to Winterthur again soon on a nice day.  S.M. knows how to get to Swarthmore, and I want to get there when their roses are blooming.  I'd like to get to The Cloisters in May.  The time I was there, the alba roses had just finished blooming.  I didn't even recognize what they were, because they were pruned.  I would like to go there again.  Mom said she was baptized at a church near there.

I'm going to try to make it a busy few weeks as far as seeing public gardens goes.  I'm sure I'll post on where I actually get to.  I can get to Delaware easily enough.
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rambling about TV again

I am noting that the "Kurt's Singing Voice" thread on the Glee Forum seems to have died.  It's a shame, because I learned so much from it.  Also, there are three or so Kurt solos and a few duets that weren't reviewed.  Hopefully Glorfindel will pick back up with it during the hiatus, but she was pretty upset about the end of season three, and then she was very busy with real life.

I will watch "Lights Out" again.  I had no problem with the aerobics scene being arguably fanservice, but apparently I have a thing for people who look like butch Israeli girls, which reminds me of stories about I. from college.  I. started out as C.K.'s "hag" -- actually, we used the first half of the phrase as well -- then moved to Israel and came out as a lesbian.  She and J.A. were good friends.  J.A. and I were friendly, but with issues.  (Also I thought she was cute, which wasn't especially an issue.)  She was very big on vegetarianism, and I ate meat.  J.A. said that the only real women were lesbians, and I would say, "But I like men," which infuriated her.  I saw her at an alumni meeting for the GLBT group, and she hadn't changed from being a lesbian-feminist vegetarian.  I would say I've changed back in the last couple years from identifying as bisexual to saying what I originally said, that I don't feel I have a sexual orientation one way or another.  It seems more inclusive.  Wow, and off-track I went.

Perhaps I am insensitive or jaded, but I am fine with "gratuitousness" when it's Blaine.  (He looks considerably older than seventeen to me, despite being smaller than football-player size.)  I am also fine with "gratuitiousness" when it's Jake.  Perhaps Jake will become the next heartthrob, like I just heard speculation about.  The girl students look too young for me to be interested in.  The only male student who actually looked like a teenager was Kurt.  It's a thing for actors playing high schoolers to be ten years older than the characters, like on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dawson's Creek.  Offhand, one female character I've thought was really attractive was Mike's mom, partly because she looked a lot closer to my age.  I suppose it's a good thing that I'm not into teenaged girls like I was when I was a teenager.  Artie is kind of nerdy-cute.

Ryder was called "Frankenteen 2.0," which referred back to Finn.  Ryder is generally nicer, though.  Except for Kitty, most of the new New Directions members are nice enough.  I am still not interested in Marley.  (*spoilers*)  The description of an upcoming Glee episode says that Marley says she's the one who was catfishing Ryder, but it's not really her.  This makes me think it's got to be Unique, which would send a very disappointing message.  In fact, I expect that it would be enraging for those who identify with Unique and some allies if it was her.  I'm waiting and seeing to see who it is.  I am really hoping it's somebody else, though.  Celeste, even.  The identity of the person catfishing might be a cliffhanger, but I don't think I'd care that much if it was a cliffhanger.  I'll see.

The talk I saw of a historical AU being set in New York City made me think I'd like to see a historical AU with older-than-high-school Kurt and Blaine hanging out in Harlem during the Harlem Renaissance.  They might just really appreciate the music and the relative acceptance of queer people among certain circles of the Renaissance.  Many notable writers, artists and singers of the Harlem Renaissance were gay, lesbian or bisexual.  I have read my share of books about the Harlem Renaissance and the people heavily involved in it.  Also I've read "Smoke, Lillies and Jade" and quite a bit of the poetry of the time.  Perhaps there are already AUs about that time and place and the characters.  It would give the Klaine of that era a chance to interact with Mercedes, Jake, Matt and Unique, and the David of the Warblers.  Kurt could love Mercedes' voice like he does in canon.