March 2nd, 2013

Maiden's Blush rose

so far Saturday

There hasn't been much of it for me yet.  I stayed up until two-thirty or three a.m. last night.  I just wasn't tired.  I was on AfterElton after midnight, making comments on the "Gay Books -- What We're Reading in 2013" forum.  I read a bit of The Lovesick Cure.

I woke at seven a.m., and then went back to sleep until noon.  I didn't want to sleep that long.  I sat under the sunlight-effect lamp for a while and read more of The Lovesick Cure.  It's a modern-day book in the Marrying Stone series.  The first two were set at the turn of the twentieth century, and this one is set in the twenty-first.

Dreamspinner Press is offering three free books by authors from Australia and New Zealand, and books on sale from authors who live in those countries.  There may be a holiday I'm missing or something.  I already had Wings of Equity.  I'll probably get some of the books on sale, too.  (Added: I ended up getting some Dreamspinner books.)

I got Branded by Gold by Carol Lynne.  That was a free Ellora's Cave book.  It's part of the Men in Love series.  The protagonists are a woman, her stepbrother and her stepbrother's lover.  Carol has written books with twin brothers, so I suppose I should be glad that in this case they're not related by blood.  Carol has written series with characters from other series that were published by other publishers.  Notably, there are characters that are in books published by Ellora's Cave who also show up in books published by Total E-Bound.  I went back a series or two to try to figure out how everyone was related, so I have various books from various series.  I'll have to write down which I have.

I want to get a print copy or two of The Velvet Rage and give a copy to S.  I think he could get a lot out of it.  There are some YA books Uly and PaperMoon recommended on the Gay Books forum that I want to read, too.  Octobercountry remains amazed at how many YA books with gay characters are out there now.  The older members of AE didn't have anything like that around when they were kids.  So I do read and want to read books other than romance.

Later: I felt I should get out of the house, so I went to Best Buy and got a new memory card for my camera.  The old one is just about filled.

I ordered two copies of The Velvet Rage and a copy of Kamikaze Boys.  I think Uly had recommended Kamikaze Boys.  I looked up Alex Sanchez' books in the library catalog, and the library has several of his books.  I've read Rainbow Boys, Rainbow High and Rainbow Road.  Tiger Cub recommended Getting It.  That was at the library, too.

Later still: A program about the Philadelphia Flower Show was on, and we watched that.  I read a bit more of The Lovesick Cure.  Around 9:00 p.m., Mom and I picked back up with listening to The Land of Stories.  We listened through to the end of chapter six, to track four on the third disc.  Malumclaw has a deep voice.  The chapter ended saying that it wouldn't be the last time Alex and Connor saw Goldilocks, the Big Bad Wolf Pack or the Dwarf Forest.