February 8th, 2013

Maiden's Blush rose

Friday so far

I fell asleep around midnight, woke at 4:00 a.m., went back to sleep around 6:00 a.m. and woke at again at 8-something.  That time I stayed up.  It was raining today, and is supposed to start snowing in the early evening.  I put basmati rice to soak and went to the Indian grocery.  I got goat curry, aloo turnip and a naan.  I cooked the basmati rice when I got home, and had the curry, aloo turnip and naan.  I shared some of the naan with Dad.  I've had aloo gobi, which I'm pretty sure has potatoes in it.  I lhought the aloo turnip was quite tasty, but it had quite the afterburn of spiciness.  I ate quite a bit of the goat curry with some rice.  I have a little curry left, and a lot of rice left over.  We always use up leftover rice, though.
Maiden's Blush rose

Friday -- rambling about TV

I looked around online for Glee meta. Heather Hogan, who does the AE recaps, usually seems to me to be hate-watching episodes. For the most part, she liked "Diva," though. She liked the AfterEllen reference. Heather thought that Tina straddling Blaine and touching him like that while he was passed out was creepy, as did I and most of the folks who commented on that.

Glee continues to have fantastic amounts of GLBT* representation, with Kurt, Blaine, Santana, Brittany, Unique, and a couple of Rachel's followers who were credited as "Sycophant 1" and "Sycophant 2." If it was just what I saw, the jury would still be out for me with Adam, but Brittany said that Kurt had gotten a new guy, so I guess they're just really being low-key in public, in places they wouldn't necessarily have to be. Most of the male students at NYADA seem to be gay, with Brody an exception. Kurt's actually managing quite well in environments like Vogue.com and NYADA where it's no issue that he's gay.

With Kurt, presumably Adam, and the sycophants, that made for four gay characters in a scene, which has happened before on Glee. Blaine was in Lima being a diva. That makes five gay characters in an episode, which has also happened before. Kurt had no time for the sycophants, which rocked. He was so lonely in Lima, without knowing anyone else who was gay, and then most of the gay boys he met aside from Blaine being unpleasant at best. Kurt said he'd been through much worse than bitchy gossip, which was quite true. At least with Adam, he has someone pleasant, who appreciates him. Not that Blaine didn't appreciate him, but the people around them appreciated Blaine more than Kurt, for the most part.

In certain places on the Internet, you can find plenty of future fic in which Blaine is collared.  Or so I've heard.  However, now, in canon, we have eighteen-year-old Blaine wearing a leather motorcycle cap.  I thought when I saw it that it meant Dom, someone who was a serious Top.  I also remembered a phrase about "earning your leathers."  I thought about asking James, or writing to Syd or TeddyPig, or seeing what I could find in books by Patrick Califia.  Before I got the chance to do that, RM the blogger (Racheline Maltese -- Letters from Titan) confirmed that it marked a formal leather Dom, someone who'd earned the cap.  She said she'd been in those cultures, and it was "skin crawly" to her that Blaine was wearing it.  Obviously it wasn't something Blaine had earned.

However, it says something about how Blaine sees himself.  He's about as up on gay culture as a smart boy with plenty of computer access would be, or so it seems.  I'm sure it will make for some (more) fics with Blaine as a Dom.  I'm quite sure the Powers That Be of Glee were well aware of what section of gay culture that cap comes from.  The costuming reference to BDSM roles, Blaine as a leather Dom, apparently went over the heads of the censors.  It's a scene I've only read about, and knew people who were in, so it's not something I take personally.  Now that I think about it, I have books about Tom of Finland's art that have characters wearing motorcycle caps.

Blaine visually and vocally represented several sections of gay culture in "Diva."  Kurt took the musical theater part.  And then there were the "out and proud, lipstick-loving, AfterEllen reading" lesbians represented, and Unique, who'd I'd vote as being the best diva of all.  Kurt wasn't even the one reaching spectacular levels of queerness.  I think that was Blaine this episode, but he had heavy competition.