January 24th, 2013

Maiden's Blush rose

Thursday so far

It's cold out again today.  I haven't ventured out.  I got a lot of laundry done and finished up an editing job.

Yesterday I got and read the published versions of a couple of stories that I had edited a while ago.  The parts that I had said were racist in the one story were changed considerably before publication.  I thought it was much better.  I had made a lot of editing comments suggesting changes on the story with a transsexual character, and some of them were made, so she was misgendered less often.  She still got misgendered the majority of the time, which was to some extent part of the plot.  Most of the misgendering was by the police, which didn't seem too far-fetched to me.  She was killed off.  It didn't surprise me that she was used that way in the narrative.  That was one where I wished I'd seen the story much earlier in the process, and been able to talk with the author.  I would have been capable of giving some "Trans 101" lessons.
Maiden's Blush rose

TV watching -- "Sadie Hawkins"

(*spoilers if you're not on U.S. Eastern Time*)

I really liked the episode.  It hasn't been established if Adam is straight or what, but he made Kurt laugh.  Kurt outed himself to Adam and Adam took it nicely, though.  Adam was pursuing Kurt for Kurt to be in Adam's Apples, which must have been nice for Kurt.  I wasn't thrilled that Kurt asked him out, but I didn't expect to be.  It was for drinks or coffee, which was ambiguous.  Well, perhaps not totally ambiguous, since Adam knows Kurt's gay.  I'm not terribly upset that Kurt's interested in Adam.  I'm wondering again if my emotions are muted compared to other Klaine fans' emotions.

I was kind of embarrassed for Tina, but it wasn't that bad.  I think the almost-kiss with her and Blaine was more of a Tina dream sequence.  (Edited: No, apparently it wasn't.  It didn't look passionate on Blaine's part, though.)  Lauren's back.  I missed Lauren.  Trent was in the episode, and that scene was awesome.  Blaine told Tina he had a crush on Sam, which probably means all of ND will know soon enough.  At least Blaine knows the crush is hopeless.  I'm curious to see Sam's reaction when he finds out.  Tina feels hopeful about Blaine.  Becky asked, "Gay Blaine?"  Becky's not nice, but she certainly had a good point.

Unique was back and looking fabulous.  Rachel asked Brody to move in with her and Kurt, without asking Kurt.  I don't think Kurt will be all that happy about that.  I'm curious to see how that goes.  I so want to see Kurt have it out with Rachel.  At least Kurt established a few episodes ago that Rachel isn't his best friend, that Blaine is.

I hope things go well with Jake and Marley.  Well, I'm still not that interested in Marley, but I find Jake to be a pretty sympathetic character.  Puck called him "little brother from a different-colored mother."

Added: I predict that the moments of the episode that get the most gifs will be that shot of Blaine's butt.  Probably with words like "Hot damn" added.  (Added: There were a ton of gifs of that.  Or so I heard.)