January 22nd, 2013

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rambling about TV again

I've read all of Glorfindel's posts thus far in "Kurt's Singing Voice" (http://www.gleeforum.com/index.php/topic/23287-kurts-singing-voice/) and "Songs and Singers of Glee."  In "Songs and Singers of Glee," she did a review of Finn's songs from the beginning into the third season.  She split it into two parts, since Finn gets so much.  Here's part one: http://www.gleeforum.com/index.php/topic/24910-songs-and-singers-of-glee/page__st__440__p__1928503#entry1928503 and part two: http://www.gleeforum.com/index.php/topic/24910-songs-and-singers-of-glee/page__st__460__p__1941833#entry1941833

It was striking to me that she said that her favorite voices of the cast are those of actors who were untrained as singers when they were cast, though I make a distinction between untrained and self-taught.  Glorfindel is a vocal coach, and has made observations about the improvements vocal training has given to the performers who weren't trained singers to start with.  But see the second half of the Finn review where she gives her personal opinion.  It seems like she can totally separate out what she'd critique as a vocal coach and what she enjoys as a fan of the actor.

I'm more critical of Finn as a character now that I've seen lots of meta about him, but I enjoy his singing.  I like rock and roll, and a lot of Finn's songs are rock songs.

As for my tastes in music, in addition to rock, I like Industrial and heavy metal, and some pop.  My tastes are varied.  I'm not a fan of rap or country music.  I'm not especially a fan of oldies, and I'm not a fan of show tunes in general, though there are some Kurt show tune songs I like.  So I mostly judge by what genre I like.

It's interesting to me to get the perspectives of people who are skilled in judging acting, singing, dancing and costumes.  I would say that I especially appreciate the singing critiques.  Glorfindel teaches as she goes through songs.
Maiden's Blush rose

Tuesday so far

I went to sleep around 1:30 a.m. and woke at 9:30.  I got a call then from Barnes & Noble that the January/February issue of "Essential Homme" had come in after all.  I had associates telling me it was there when it wasn't, and others telling me that they wouldn't get it.  Everyone I talked to told me something different.  One told me that the truck that delivers the magazines had broken down, so there were still magazines in boxes in the back, but a few days after that I heard that they wouldn't get it, but I could leave my name and number just in case.

It was very cold out.  I bundled up.  I wore my boots, and swapped a silk scarf for a heavier scarf.  I did another errand and then picked the magazine up at Barnes & Noble.  Since I ordered one from Amazon also, once I gave up on B&N, I'll have two copies.  Maybe I'll find someone who wants one.

As far as books go, B&N has less and less in their physical stores, or at least less in the local one.  They've got more toys and more other things that are not books.  Sure, you can order books, and there's a wide selection of Nook books you can get, but I like the immediacy of bookstores.

I signed up to have the books I'd gotten from Fictionwise, which closed down, as B&N books.  I suppose I'm expecting an e-mail when they are converted.  I don't think they'd just show up in my library.  I'll have to see about that.