December 17th, 2012

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TV and rambling

I thought about the articles Biyuti linked to about non-disabled actors doing "crip-face."  The name for it is a take-off from the blackface I mentioned in my last post.  I knew "crippled" is considered offensive now, but apparently it's getting reclaimed.  What I am getting from it is that there's feeling from some disability activists that non-disabled actors shouldn't play disabled characters.  To my understanding, there are limited employment opportunities for disabled actors.  It's like in the book I talked about in my last post and a couple of other posts, African American Actresses: The Struggle for Visibility, 1900-1960.  There were very limited employment opportunities for black actors and actresses.  There's still not the representation for people of color in U.S films and TV shows as related to the percentage of population they are.  It's certainly considered offensive now for white actors to use blackface.  It's hopefully generally considered offensive now for white actors to play Native American and Asian characters.  Here I am thinking of Westerns, especially, for Native American characters.  I am particularly thinking about movies and TV shows that had stereotyped characters.

There's some undercurrent from some commenters on AfterElton about straight actors playing gay characters, and every so often someone will say it outright.  It's long established that gay actors played and play straight characters.  There's certainly the wish on AE that there were more gay characters in movies and TV shows.  There's much less fear that playing a gay character will ruin someone's career.  There used to be a lot of fear about that.  Being outed used to ruin all kinds of careers.  There's thankfully a lot less of that.

I don't have a motor or sensory disability.  I wish there were more roles for disabled actors.  It doesn't offend me if an actor who doesn't have a disability plays a character who does, but I don't have a stake in it for the disabilities I specified.  I do like for the parts to be written sensitively.

As for straight actors playing gay characters, my opinion is similar.  I go with the majority on AE in being glad there are gay characters, and hoping for more.  With another AE majority, I also hope for openly gay actors to have steady employment, or as steady as an actor gets.  I wish there were more bi characters.  I don't particularly care if the actors playing them are bi or not.  That's the one I identify with.

I'd like to see more representation for all the groups I mentioned, but not stereotyped characters.
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Monday so far

I fell asleep at two-something and woke about an hour later, dozed off again, and then woke at five-thirty and didn't go back to sleep.  I don't know what the problem was.

I finally finished African American Actresses: The Struggle for Visibility, 1900-1960.  I'd like to see some of the films described in the book.

I sat under the sunlight-like lamp while I was reading.  I'm still not sure if I'm using it right by reading under it.

I felt that I should get out of the house.  It was very gray out, and a little foggy.  I went and got color extend shampoo and conditioner.  I had run out of the conditioner a few weeks ago, but had shampoo left.  I'll get my hair done red again in January.

I did the first read-through on an editing job.  It was the second in a series.  I read the first one first.
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more reading

I read Josh Lanyon's Christmas codas.  A couple were of characters from stories I hadn't read yet.  I knew he was taking the year off, and didn't think he'd published anything new.  I got the stories from Smashwords.  They were "Perfect Day" and "Heart Trouble."  I shopped at Rainbow eBooks, too, and got a few books.  A couple were in Stephani Hecht's Blue Line hockey series.  I've read at least the first three or four.  These were six and seven in the series.  I've gotten many more books in December than I did in November.  In November I mostly stuck to getting free books.  I've gotten a number of free books in December, too, but I've also gotten books that were on sale.  Rainbow eBooks is having some good sales.  Roselynde by Roberta Gellis was free from Ellora's Cave.  They have a new website that makes it nearly impossible to download books.

All Romance eBooks is having their free book a day now, though it's not from the beginning of December to the 24th like it was.  It started on December 13th and runs through the 24th.  JMS Books is offering a free book a day.  They'd been doing so since November 25th, but I heard about it on the AE "Gay Books -- What We're Reading" forum a couple of weeks after that.  I've picked up a couple of the stories.  I also got books that were on sale there, as they're having some good sales as well.

Later: I read "Sock It To Me, Santa!" by Madison Parker.  I'd seen that recommended on the AE forum.