December 15th, 2012

Maiden's Blush rose

Saturday so far

I went to bed around three a.m. and lay there for a while.  I must have fallen asleep at some point.  I woke at noon.  A Santa on a fire engine was going through the neighborhood waving.  I'm not sure if that's just a local tradition or if it's done in various places around the country.

I had leftover chicken tikka masala and goat curry for breakfast.  They were rather spicy things to eat for breakfast, but I wanted to eat while Mom and Dad were out.  Mom's not a fan of the smell of curry or cilantro.

I had a couple of bottles of cocoa butter lotion that it was almost impossible to get the lotion out of, due to the design of the bottles and the thickness of the lotion.  We warmed up the bottles in a saucepan half-filled with water, and poured the lotion through a funnel into a bottle with a pump top.  Hopefully when the lotion cools down, it will still go through the tube.

I sat under the sunlight lamp for half an hour.  While I was doing that, I called people to say hi.  I left messages for K. and for S.  I talked to E.M. from the bookstore for a while.  We made plans to get together in January.

Later: I finished up the baingan barthe for dinner.  I got a lot of laundry done.