December 14th, 2012

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Friday so far

Last night, I lay down not that long after two. I must have fallen asleep by three. I woke around eleven. I used the sunlight lamp after having lunch. I read "Santa Vic" under the light. It's a Vic and Matt story.

I cooked some basmati rice, and then went to the Indian grocery.  I'd planned to be back for the goat curry, and I got some.  I also got baingan barthe, one of the dishes with eggplant in it.  I wrote the name of it down this time.  When I got home, I had those and the leftover chicken tikka masala.  I couldn't really taste the eggplant in the baingan barthe, and it was rather spicy.  It must have been another dish that I could really taste the eggplant in.  They make at least two different eggplant dishes.  The goat curry was as good as I remembered.  I had kind of a lot of rice, but at least I had some protein with it.  I found out that the grocery store proprietors also have a restaurant, which I'll have to check out sometime.  I got the address for it.

I'll probably watch "Glee, Actually" again.  I've seen some meta about it now.  I'm dreading reading the AfterElton/AfterEllen recap because of the way the recapper hates on the show.  At least I read some positive and/or thoughtfully critical meta beforehand, and will look for some more thoughtful meta afterwards, to counteract the hate.

Later: The AE recapper, Heather Hogan, didn't hate on the show too badly.  Some of the commenters did.  It's a sink of negativity.  I got into watching Glee from the recaps and all the talk about it on AE, when Christie Keith was doing recaps in the second season.  I don't think there was so much hate then.  I continue to wonder why, if people hate the show, they still watch it.  They could just not watch it.  Aside from AE, I'm trying to stick to reading posts and comments from people who like the show.
Maiden's Blush rose

rambling about TV

I've seen a little bit of the Glee meta I wanted to see.  There are people whose full posts I wait for, and some haven't been doing full posts, due in some cases to having busy lives.  I hope there will be a full Letters from Titan post.  I saw some "big life, small space" Tumblr commentary.  Another I look for is Quite Contrary/Still Quite Contrary, and I've seen a bit from her here and there.  I find it hard to follow all the asterisks on the full LJ posts, because I read in a block and I can't keep track of how many asterisks there are.  I can't tell between seven and eight or between eleven and twelve at a glance.  I'd have to count them one by one, and then go down and count one by one again.  I don't think other people have those problems.

I thought more about how Blaine was doing his best to be a grown-up.  He is in love with Kurt, and wants to be there for him.  Things between Kurt and Blaine were kind of awkward, but they would have been in any case.  Kurt still loves Blaine, too.  I think it will still be a while before they get back together, if they get back together.  Burt chose Blaine as the person he wanted to have there for Kurt.

I'm still also thinking about Jake and Puck having bonded so much.  Jake said he told his mother he was going away with Ryder, so clearly Jake's mother has heard of Ryder.  Jake is making real friends in New Directions.  I'm not too worried about Jake, when he has his mother and brother and a friend there for him.  Things might get worse for him, but he has support.  Jake and Puck had a roadtrip together, got matching tattoos, and sang a duet.  That's a lot of brotherly bonding.

(Added: The Glee Wiki has Jake's mother's name as Tanisha.)

There was a bit with Artie that reflected back to "The Spanish Teacher."  He sang "Feliz Navidad" and had maracas.  That's kind of how Will was shown to be racist.  Artie wanted to be a white rapper, and uses AAVE often enough.  Artie's first dialect is Standard American English, but he'll go from one dialect to the other, and that hasn't been shown to be problematic.  I thought early in the season that Artie would learn a lesson about racism sooner or later.  Puck's going to be the one who really needs to be actively anti-racist, but maybe Artie will learn, too.

Brittany said something about Tina wanting to be an actress being a pipe dream.  It's not that Brittany hasn't been brutal with people before.  She's not sweet and innocent.  Presumably that was a comment on race.  Brittany's been making her share of comments on race this season.  I'll have to rewatch for Tina's reaction.  The members of ND were ready to walk out once Brittany said something about Joe.  People who do meta have been talking about how fed up with things Tina has been this season.  As Asian Persuasion, she was even challenging people in public.  (Added: "Pipe dream" is an opium reference.  I'm not sure if that was supposed to mean anything.  I've read some about the Opium Wars.)

Hunter called New Directions a "diversity club."  Aside from Kitty, the members of ND are pretty much supporting each other, but it's being shown that they could make improvements in some ways.