December 12th, 2012

Maiden's Blush rose


I made it to an appointment.  I have my last nutrition class tonight.

I read a good bit of The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You.

Later: It turned out I'd lost a few pounds in the last several weeks.  I suppose keeping a food journal had some effect on that, plus trying to eat proteins along with the carbohydrates.  I never did manage to add much in the way of vegetables to my diet, but I'll work on that.

I finished The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You.  Biyuti saw a quote from it that used the word "ladyboy" and said that the author was racist, so there's that.  I can't pretend that I missed what Biyuti said.  It seemed to me that Bergman was probably less racist than the average white liberal, which still allows for racism.  I'm sure I'm as racist as the next white liberal.  Added: I am going with the framing that "someone white raised in the U.S." is automatically racist.

A paragraph before, Bergman had said, "But because the cultural message we're all steeped in is that gender is a fixed arrangement, even the most politically progressive among us -- and I include myself in this -- can forget or overlook how very variable gender can be when we want it to be."

The book was from the perspective of someone white raised in the U.S.  I was aware of some of the assumptions that led to, but I'm sure I missed others, because I was and am steeped in that culture, too.  My opinion was going to be that the book was really good and interesting, though I realized that it came from that worldview.  Bergman reclaimed a number of words.  It's my guess that ze didn't know the racial connotations of "ladyboy."  I could write and ask hir.

Added: I don't want this to sound like apologizing for someone else.  I was trying to analyze it.  My viewpoint is that someone can be a racist without meaning to be a racist, not that that makes it okay.  I am trying to work on checking various privileges I have.  I think I'm doing better with some than others.