December 11th, 2012

Paul Neyron rose 2

from TV

I saw on several of the blogs I read posts about how Dani and Ali of the Glee Project are together now.  I saw the video Dani did, and their posts.  I am happy for them.
Paul Neyron rose 2


It wasn't bad out during the day.  I pruned some dead canes off some of my roses.  The old European roses and the rugosa rose are dormant.  The Tea and Bourbon roses aren't.

I read Eight for Eternity, in the John the Lord Chamberlain series.  It was overdue, and I'd had it on and off for months.  I don't know what's with me that occasionally I can sit and read, but much of the time I can't.  I used to read in just about all of my free time.  Now, every so often I can concentrate for a few hours at a time, and that's long enough for me to read a novel that's 250-300 pages.

I got The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You by S. Bear Bergman.

I made it to a meeting in the evening.  I took Eight for Eternity back to the library on the trip back.  Soon after I left the parking lot of the building the meeting was in, I saw a deer bounding near the road in a cemetary just up the road.  I took back roads to the library because I don't like the merge onto a highway that's probably the fastest way to get there.  I went pretty slowly on the back roads.  When one of the back roads got pretty near the main road to the library, I saw three deer by the side of the road.  I had a lot of adrenaline in my system after seeing four deer in two different places along the roads I was on.