December 10th, 2012

Paul Neyron rose 2

Monday so far

S. called, and we talked for a while.  He caught me up on his life.  It looks like M. will be working a couple of new jobs.  At least one will be as faculty at a university in the Philadelphia area, presumably teaching nursing.  Hopefully he'll enjoy being an educator.  P. called, and we talked.  She was talking about charity at Christmas time.  P. was also talking about generally helping people, whether they're "white, Black, Spanish, Mexican," she said.  I'll note that to my understanding, "Spanish" here is AAVE for Hispanic.  "God blesses you when you help people," P. said.  She talked about how the grocery store has a Toys for Tots program, and how she was giving a couple of toys through that.  "There are parents who spend five or six hundred dollars on presents for their children," she said, "and there are children who get nothing for Christmas."  P. has a better sense of charity than many people.

It's been another quiet day for me.  I finished Val Kovalin's Call and Answer.  Val did (or does) book reviews on Obsidian Bookshelf.

Mom was working the 2 - 10 p.m. shift at the library.  I thought she'd want me to go with her to drive her home, but she said the weather wouldn't be that great.  I said that I thought she preferred that I drive when it was bad weather.  It was raining on and off and foggy.  I would have gone with her if she wanted me to.

Later: Dad said he was having leftovers.  I went and got takeout, shrimp with Chinese vegetables and wonton soup.  It seemed like a good day for soup.  Of course when I got soup, Dad wanted some.  I shared.  That was one reason I'd deliberately gotten a quart instead of a pint.  I was hoping to have leftover wonton soup for tomorrow, and there was still some left over.  I asked Dad if he wanted some of the shrimp with Chinese vegetables, but he said he was good.

For my overseas readers, I wasn't surprised when P. said "Mexican."  There's a pretty good-sized population of Mexican immigrants in this part of southeastern Pennsylvania.  There are farms, including mushroom farms, in the area, and that's where some work.  My take was that P. was thinking of a group that gets prejudice against them.  It's a mix of racism and xenophobia.  There's a lot of "They should speak English if they're living here."  P. was saying to be charitable and helpful to everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, or nationality.

Later still: I got an editing job to work on.