November 26th, 2012

Paul Neyron rose 2

Monday so far

I went to sleep around 3:30 a.m. or so and woke at 10:30 a.m.  I made it to an appointment.

I looked at 'Duchesse de Brabant'.  The center bud, the one that had been nearly ready to open a couple of days ago, was gone.  It's in a pot and the cane was probably a foot off the ground, so I suspect deer.  Something ate flowers off the mystery pink rose like that, and those flowers were about four feet off the ground.  We have rabbits and groundhogs, too.  The two buds to the side are still small, but have their sepals lowering.  There will most likely be a frost before they're ready to open.

I participated in a charity donation, and got PDFs of "Heart," "Extraordinary Merry Christmas," and "The New Rachel."  I'd gotten "The New Rachel" on Friday or so, and I read it then.  I don't remember it having any big surprises of changes between it and the show version.  There were a few lines changed or cut.

"The New Rachel" had a few cut lines of Blaine saying that he was popular.  I wonder why that was cut.  The "It's Time" scene did not have the jump rope choreography written in as part of the script.  That was what the kids on "The Glee Project" had so much trouble with in one episode, jumping rope and lip-synching.  DC made it look easy.  I'm sure it was more difficult than it looked for him, too.  There was more dialogue in the scene between Sue and Kurt, too.

I got the other two scripts today.  In the "Extraordinary Merry Christmas" script, when Artie says how he wants the program set at Kurt and Blaine's chalet, the directions say: "Holy shit. Kurt and Blaine clutch each other. Yes!"  I remember Kurt and Blaine looking at each other, and maybe a pat on the arm.  When they're actually at the chalet, and Kurt is going to introduce Blaine, Kurt says, "And this is my --"  The stage directions say: "A small warning look to Kurt from Blaine, after all this is the 1960s.  Kurt nods, of course."  Then Kurt says, "-- best friend and holiday roomie, Blaine Anderson."  I remember Kurt pausing to think how to put it.  I'll have to rewatch to see if there is a warning look from Blaine.

I knew from seeing a PDF of a page from "Heart" that the kiss between Santana and Brittany at the Sugar Shack wasn't in that script.  I wonder if it got added in a later script, or if it was the director.  In the script, Joe is named "Apollo," so clearly things changed.  Apollo says the Biblical names of his dreadlocks, too, while on the show Joe simply says that his dreadlocks are named after the books of the Bible, and doesn't specify which is which.  Writing this, it strikes me anew how wacky Glee can get.

In the script, in the scene between Kurt and Karofsky,  Karofsky says he's been talking to a counselor.  That line didn't make it into the show.  That left Karofsky with no support in "On My Way," with Kurt not taking his calls.  Not saying that Kurt should have, though Kurt felt guilty.  I would have felt better about that scene in "Heart" if Karofsky said he had a counselor.  There also wasn't a Nick, but female party-goers coming in, so no one to confront Karofsky about giving Kurt candy.  Nick made me worry that Karofsky would get bullied.  I missed seeing "On My Way" because we'd just gotten to Florida.  By the time I saw it online, a week and a day later, I had been totally spoiled for what happened in it.

"Heart" and "On My Way" were two episodes that particularly went together.  They had continuity from episodes before that, but "Heart" led into "On My Way" in a very interlocking way.  I wasn't that interested in Finn and Rachel's storyline, and the lube conversation between the dads horrified me, although it was not what it sounded like.  I was interested in Kurt and Blaine's storylines.  That's typical for me.

Later: Mom was sick, and her phone was broken.  I went to the AT&T store with her phone to get it fixed.  The associate fixed it pretty quickly.  I stopped at the grocery store and got sushi for dinner.

Added: I talked with S. for about half an hour.