November 17th, 2012

Paul Neyron rose 2


I got tired around 1:00 a.m. Friday night, and went to sleep soon after.  I woke a bit after 9:00 a.m.  There has been a fair bit of the day for me already.

I ran a few errands.  Mom and I went to the library and the grocery store.  I got an egg custard pie at the grocery store.  I hadn't had one in ages.  We didn't stop long at the library.  It was very busy.  I'm still partway through the seventh in the "John, the Lord Chamberlain" series.  I don't know what's up with me stalling out on reading much for the past few years.  Once I settle down to read I can get a good way through a book.  It's the settling down to do it part.

We stopped in towards the end of the church craft sale.  Mom had donated the homemade candles A.C. gave to us.  They were still there, and I bought them back.  At least it benefitted the church, but I couldn't believe Mom had donated them.  Someone had done hand-sewn Kindle covers, too.  With just a few minutes left of the sale, they were marked from $15 to $10.  I got one.  I didn't have the Kindle with me.  I had been carrying around the Sony Pocket Reader on all the previous errands we'd done.  I wasn't going to carry around the Kindle, because I didn't have a case for it.

When we were in the car heading home, Mom asked, "What about the case S.D. is making for you?"  I had completely forgotten.  It took her several months to make the case for the PRS-950 Sony.  The case for the Pocket Sony was an attempt that was too small for the bigger Sony, but fit the one with the 5" screen very well.

I did a final read-through of an editing job.

Later: I saw a post that suggested that Blaine's hookup with Eli might not have been consensual on Blaine's part.  I thought that much of the point was that it was entirely consensual on Blaine's part.  He was sober and he made the decision to go over to Eli's.  It seemed to me that he could have refused at any time.  Blaine was in a bad place mentally, but he could have decided not to cheat.  I may put something along those lines on Tumblr, but I think if I responded that way to the post there, I would just sound evil.  I don't want to be evil to people there.  It seems like there's enough of that.  I'll find other posts that I can respond to without being critical of the person who posted.  Or at least I'll try.

Later still: I talked with A. for a little over an hour.  He told me about his clubbing adventures on Friday.  It sounded like he and his friends had had a fun night.

I saw posts about people wanting a "baby butch" Glee character.  I like Unique, and I'm interested in her story.  I'd love a baby butch story, though.  I said that, and that I liked gentlemanly butches.  I said that I wanted the fiction now, and somebody should make up a name for hir.  I'd like to read original fiction about a baby butch character, too.  I'm sure there's some out there.