November 16th, 2012

Paul Neyron rose 2

Friday so far

I was kind of keyed up from Thursday, and also spent a lot of time at the computer reading and writing.  I think I finally went to sleep at four-something.  I slept until nearly two.  It was probably about eight hours, but I would have liked two a.m. to ten a.m. much better.  I'll have to try that tonight.

I went out briefly, but it was rather cold and it was humid, so I didn't stay out very long.  I may try to get back to Longwood Gardens over the weekend, or maybe on Tuesday.  I have noted on my calendar that Tuesday is Transgender Remembrance Day.  I've participated in a few of those at [university].  I'm sure the GLBT organization is having an event again this year.  I'll ask S.

I read Ethan, Who Loved Carter.  Elisa Rolle did a review of it, which is where I learned about it.  I thought it was a good book.  It had both protagonists' viewpoints.  I read books written in the first person and in multiple viewpoints.  It seems difficult to me for books in first person to express how others see the narrator.  Mostly it's through dialogue, and hopefully the dialogue is clever enough to get a lot across.  I enjoyed getting both protagonists' viewpoints in this one.

Later: I ordered a light box that comes in the form of a desk lamp.  We'll see how things go with that.