November 11th, 2012

Paul Neyron rose 2

Sunday so far - Veterans' Day

Mom and Dad went to the 8:00 a.m. church service, then Dad went to a veterans' event in [borough].  He came home for lunch, then went out again for a parade.  Mom and I went to a couple of grocery stores.  Applebee's and Olive Garden both have a free dinner for veterans tonight, so we're thinking of going to one of those restaurants.

It's really nice out.  Mom said it started out cold and foggy, but it got a lot warmer.  Had I known it was that nice out, I would have gone to Longwood Gardens.  Maybe I'll go tomorrow if it's nice out tomorrow.  I was surprised that people were reblogging my pictures from there on Tumblr.  I feel like I should go take more pictures.  It's the Chrysanthemum Festival currently.  If I do go, I'll see how much people like pictures of chrysanthemums.  The Christmas display starts the day after Thanksgiving.  It was packed last year at that time.  I guess a lot of people had the day off and wanted to see it the first day.  I'll probably go early in December, during the week.  It's not usually that bad as far as being crowded then.

Slightly later: The temperature dropped rapidly as dusk approached.  I looked around in the back yard.  The yellow-berried American holly has a few berries.  I'm sure I got that at a native plant sale.  There are a few in the area in the spring.

Later: We tried Olive Garden, but there was an hour wait, with people standing and sitting on benches outside.  We went to Applebee's.  It was only a fifteen minute wait there, and there was room to wait inside.  They played "The Star-Spangled Banner" and "Taps" while we were there.  Dad got his free meal.

So I got out of the house a couple of times today, and I think that's good for me.

Later: I saw that Weeds had asked for a warning for geometry.  She talked about making her Tumblr nothing but math jokes, and I shuddered in horror.  I said that I'd like a warning for algebra, too, since I'd flunked both algebra and geometry.  Penroseparticle said he'd make that a warning, too.  I said that I'd mercifully forgotten just about everything from my math classes.  I still think I had undiagnosed learning disabilities when it came to math.

Penroseparticle said that the three things he'd been asked to do warnings about were Glee, math and geometry.  I thought that was hysterical.  I forgot to say that I'd flunked chemistry, too.  There were chemistry tests where I didn't know a single answer because of all the math.  I started signing the tests with various made up names, because I figured I'd fail them anyway.

S. called.  I'd texted him on Friday and left a voice mail message for him on Saturday.  I just wanted to catch up and see how he was doing.  He was doing okay.

J. texted me at 2:00 a.m., when I was thinking of going to sleep.  We chatted a bit.