November 4th, 2012

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Re TV -- starting from what Callie said

New Tumblr I'm following, Callie-Quite-Contrary, meta:

Quote from that: "...Tina, unlike Blaine, can’t pass for (or be passed for by those around her) white."  The wording fascinated me, and I've read so much about what Tina did in the first season to distract others from putting stereotypes about Asians on her.

There's how, as late as near the end of season two, "Born This Way," Mike called Tina a "self-hating Asian."  He's the only one who could do it.  Tina's come a long way in self-acceptance, but she still knows that if she wants to be a performer, a lot of roles will be closed to her because of race.  Tina's doing what she can, though.  As at least one blogger I read pointed out, she suggested plays with Asian characters in the discussion of the fourth season play.  She would be considered for those roles.  And Unique said she wanted to do "Hedwig."  Not that Tina and Unique were listened to, but they expressed themselves.

Tina's story has been about not wanting to be stereotyped, and working with the stereotypes every so often to get her way.

Last year had passing and not passing storylines.  I read more about "Porgy and Bess" recently, and realized much more clearly how offensive what Artie said about wanting to play Porgy was.  Artie is happy to appropriate from what came from a novel that was horribly appropriative in the first place.  Even sympathetic characters on the show freely appropriate from black culture.  Artie said he was for "color-blind casting" but he really wasn't, except if it concerned him.  Coach Beiste considered being Jewish as not being white, which I noticed.

There's still much talk of passing from several of the bloggers I read.  I kind of think that a storyline about passing or being "passed for" white would have happened last year if it was going to happen.  Kurt had quite a lot of a not passing for straight storyline.  Kurt used the word passing.  Santana would have apologized to Blaine for her "petite Eurasian" line in the third season rather than saying, "Sorry, Changs."  There wasn't even a reaction shot from Blaine for that one.

Several bloggers have said that just because some of the characters are racist, it doesn't mean that the Powers That Be of the show are racist.  There have already been the set-ups of some stories about race this year, from things Kitty, Jake and Unique have said, and from things Tina didn't say to Kitty, but wanted Artie to (after Kitty's "white chrysanthemums" line).  Counting Brittany saying her favorite color was "Filipino," that's twice Artie has let someone say something racist and not challenged them on it.  Some of it may turn out to be a lesson for Artie.  Not Jake, because Jake's storyline seems to be its own thing.  But Artie may eventually call Kitty on something she says.

Update from after "The Role You Were Born To Play": Kitty called Jake "half-black."  In the third season, in "Pot o' Gold," I think, Rory says to Finn that one of the things he loves about America is "your half-black president."  "The Role You Were Born To Play" must have been filmed before the election.  Glee is political this year.  Well, it's always had "the personal is political" politics, like with Kurt and Blaine talking about Proposition 8, Don't Ask Don't Tell, and marriage equality.  To me, they seem to have overt storylines about race in season four so far.  I wonder how far they'll take it.

As I've posted before, they had xenophobia storylines in the third season, with Rory, and they used Blaine in a xenophobia story in "Makeover."  There was quite the mix of racism and xenophobia being stirred up in the country before the election.  Really, it was for the past four years plus.  Kitty is the character who knowingly says racist things.  Artie is the character who's xenophobic when he thinks it will get him dates, and is letting racism slide.  Now Artie, Tina and Jake have all heard Kitty say racist things.  Sooner or later, somebody is not going to let it pass. 
Paul Neyron rose 2


Quiet day.  A. and I talked for over an hour, catching each other up on our lives.  For once I had some stories of my own to tell, of going to Baltimore.  Not that J. and K. and I did anything spectacular, but it was nice to see them and Morris.

Likeasouffle put up the story I beta read.